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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Creation

A formulation on creation from the beginning to “I Start Over”.


THEDOG Diagrams - A formulation on Creation


A test on Octave Knowledge. Compute the octave’s vibrations and and their intervals, starting with just one or two given values. Note: Make all octaves “Musical” if you can. That is, double of half. Also note: Some answers will go from positive to negative numbers. Instructions: Complete one test sheet per chapter.


A further test on Octave Knowledge. Compute the octave’s vibrations and and their intervals, starting with just one or two given values. Note: Make all octaves “Musical” if you can. That is, double of half.



A more challenging test on Octave Knowledge. Compute the octave’s vibrations and and their intervals, starting with just one or two given values. Note: Make all octaves “Musical” if you can. That is, double of half.


A further challenge on Octave Knowledge. Compute the octave’s vibrations and their intervals, starting with just one or two given values. Note: Make all octaves “Musical” if you can. That is, double of half.


A more difficult test on Octave Knowledge. Compute the octave’s vibrations and their intervals, starting with just one or two given values. Note: Make all octaves “Musical” if you can. That is, double of half.


A final test on Octave Knowledge. Hey, they’re the first 12 octaves of the Universal Cosmic Weave. That was sneaky… and very useful.


If you diatonically calculate the white keys as the octave of 24, and in subsequent columns make each one of those keys the DO of its own diatonic octave – constraining yourself to create the fewest number of keys (close vibrations using the same key) – then, do the black keys, starting with the key that contains the most ‘same’ vibrations. You will discover why there are only 12 keys on a piano.


The structure of your completed diatonic diagram of the 12 keys on a piano, compared to the math of tuning those 12 keys by the ‘new’ twelfth root of two, which is how they tune pianos and other instruments.


Chapter 3


Thirteen octaves in three scales. So, that you can practice, practice, practice.



Thirteen octaves in three scales, with all values filled in, and alingning with the cards they represent.


The deck of cards laid out in three storys, with essence centers on the left and personality centers on right.


The deck of cards laid out in three storys, designed to be cut and laid end to end.


The workings of the Three Story Diagram, and the dreaded “Lines of Nine.”

Chapter 4


Remarkable diagrams depicting the transfer RNA molecule. First, we placed all the linked vibrations that have the same totals in the same circle. Second, we folded it twice in order to show how the totals of the upper set of linked vibrations exactly matches the totals of the lower set!

Chapter 5


Three matters entering and producing the development of life; and, that of man.

We are told in our work that all things are the result of three forces.  We can see these forces in a Food Diagram (see P.D. Ouspensky's The Fourth Way, Chapter Nine; or my book Cosmic Secrets, Chapter Five).  You will see that three forces--configured in an 8, 10, and 12 ratio--are required for the octave of the 8 to complete itself.

So, get a Food Diagram and let us explore this knowledge.

Life began on Earth with the introduction of the first octave—the octave of the 8.  We shall call that octave the Physical Octave, or Physical Force.  That octave sounded a DO as matter began to organize, almost like a crystallization stage.  At first, combinations of amino acids began to link up in random order, but it was not until DNA was created that this newly forming matter could continue its existence.  DNA became the first moment of Self-Remembering in the Universe.  The Physical Force attained RE, had successfully come into existence, and remembered how it did it.  We could say that the attainment of RE is really the beginning of an octave since it results from the filling of an "Intentionally Actualized Mdnel-In".  Something finally established itself, which in the Physical Octave meant that Physical matter had become sensitive.  Sensations connected the Physical Force with the physical world around it.

From this stage the Physical Octave acquires, as a result of sensation, a personality side.  A side we call movement.  Movement is a response to sensation.  Eventually the instinctive center gives birth to movement and the note MI in the Physical Octave is attained.

This is as far as the Physical Octave can go.  It has reached its Mechano Coinciding Mdnel-In, and it cannot evolve further by the process of Harnel Miaznel alone.  It is at this point, at the note MI, where an assisting octave--the octave of the 10--or shock octave must enter.  But what is this assisting octave?

Let us suppose that this assisting octave is the Astral or Kesdjan Octave.  Like the Physical octave, it enters as a DO--where the Physical Octave is at MI.  This Astral Octave must also go through a process of organization or crystallization in order for it to come into existence at its note RE.  At this point the Astral Octave has attained its instinctive center and the Astral Force begins to sense its existence in the astral world.  However, the attainment of the note RE in the Astral Octave is congruent with the note FA of the Physical Octave.  This means that the sensing of the Astral Octave is perceived by the Physical Octave as "Emotions".

The Astral Octave's RE also acquires a personality side and gives birth to Astral movement—at the note MI in the Astral Octave.  The note MI in the Astral Octave is aligned with the note SO in the Physical Octave; or Astral Movement is synonymous with Intelligence.

At this point the Astral Octave has reached its Mechano coinsiding Mdnel-In, which corresponds with the note SO in the Physical Octave and cannot evolve further without additional help coming from outside.

You guessed it, The Highest Being-Body or Mental Octave enters as the 12, at the note SO of the Physical Octave.  It too, goes through the process of organization or crystallization and comes into existence at its note RE (RE of the Mental Octave corresponds with the FA of the Astral Octave and the LA of the Physical Octave).  The Mental Octave begins to sense its existence; the Astral Octave perceives these "instincts of the Mental Octave" as Astral Emotions; and the Physical Octave perceives them as conscience, or Higher Emotions, or the awakening of Steward, or self-consciousness.

The Mental Octave can progress further and acquire its own personality side, which for it is its Moving Center (MI); for the Astral Octave its Intellectual Center (SO); and for the Physical Octave its Higher Mental Center (TI).

If a man does objective work, then all three bodies will come into existence in him, and he will be able to withstand the shock of death.  This, of course, requires an inner force at the point where the Mental Octave reaches MI--its Mechano coinsiding Mdnel-In; and the Physical Octave, TI--its Intentionally Actualized Mdnel-In.  If all three bodies are crystallized up to TI of the Physical Octave, the Physical Octave enters its Intentionally Actualized Mdnel-In and this momentum will carry it past DO where it can now crystallize into RE--the instinctive aspect of the Spiritual octave beyond.

Now we can see why Man is depicted as a three-story factory.  He has three levels of instinct, three levels of perception, three levels of sensation.  Physical body sensing, Astral body sensing, and Mental body sensing. 

We are constrained to experience these three levels of sensation through the Physical body's perception; and call them Instinct, Emotion, and Conscience.

These three levels of sensation give rise to three acquired movements, which again are perceived through the Physical body as Movement, Intelligence, and Objective Reason.

That's it.  I hope you found it as insightful and stimulating as we have.  If not, you must only be Physically sensing; if you were Astral sensing, you would have felt the importance of this knowledge; and if you were Mental sensing, you would have understood it.


Accompanying text to the Bodies Diagram.


All forces in motion encounter other forces in motion, which can either deny them or assist them.


What you would see if you drew the circle of a Diatoinc Enneagram as a straight line and its striaght lines as half circles.


The pertinent data, from Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, concerning the three foods of the Diagram of Nutrition.


The Diagram of Nutrition in symbolic numbers as well as in mathematically exact numbers.

Chapter 6


The Nineteen Octaves of the Universal Cosmic Weave.


What the Universal Cosmic Weave would look like if you calculated all of the vibrations in all of its octaves.


The Similarities to the Already Arisen… or from the Big Bang, to Supernovas, to the explosion of organic life.


The octaves in the Universal Cosmic Weave, placed in the order of their creation, produce what is called, “Pascal’s Triangle.” Google it. Note: 279936 is the math of the smallest progenitor octave that would allow all octaves of the Universal Cosmic Weave to be at whole numbers, but 1296 is much easier to work with, even though we have to deal with a few decimals.


A fun way to compute; then, cut out… all the octaves of the Universal Cosmic Weave (and a few beyond) that produces Pascal’s Triangle, showing how the total number of octaves created are constrained in a fixed number of places.


The enigma of how an atom fills its energy shells is revealed in the order of creation of the octaves in the Universal Cosmic Weave.

Chapter 7


Discovering all the Lines of Supervision in an Enneagram.

7) Chap 7 Worksheet--filled in-converted_01


Crikey, it’s all filled in.


A story that will help you understand all the Lines of Supervision in an Enneagram.


Wow! An Enneagram with all the Lines of Supervision placed within it. Blue lines look to the future. Green lines look to the past. And, the red line are normally the lines we see within an Enneagram.


Mr. Smith puts the Enneagram Lines to rhyme to depict their flow, and to make them a heck of a lot easier to memorize.


Oh my. What if we made the Enneagram circle a straight line, and the Lines of Supervision half circles? Eureka! Function, Being and Will.


What if we put everything we learned obout creation from Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Bennett, and Smith on one diagram? Voila! The Ray of Creation.


A cheat sheet that makes it easy to decipher the formulas, Same Before and Different After.


Octaves that share vibrations. As to who they are, and what order they appear – relative to the 8s octave.

Extra Diagrams


The highest note that an Octave/Enneagram can achieve is LA. Thus, in the LA-TI interval a more compressed octave appears, also achieving its note LA… and so on, and so forth. In each octave, similar notes have similar tastes. They are just higher and finer… like being better wine.


Staggering the three stories and aligning the inner octaves that have the same length, reveals a progression of growth and development rivaled by none… and with careful study, shows the speeds of centers.


After a thorough study of the inner scales of octaves, and the Minor and Major oscillations, we would discover there are two oscillations in Scale-1, six in Scale-2, eighteen in Scale-3, and fifty-four in scale-4. And, with that knowledge, we may also discover how to acquire objective reason, I did.


Thanks to Doctor Alexey Iskakov, who has a Doctorate in both Physics and Mathematics, I will share with you the math of the Cosmic Rumple.


The math of the Cosmic Rumple continued.


Knowledge and Being flow down the Universe and create a progression of ascending octaves that show how what is attained in one octave is given to the next.


To be a higher man we must traverse all seven stopinders. Fortunately, we are lucky, the first and last stopinders happen automatically; so, we only have to concentrate on 5! Every day we should ask, “Are we working on our 5 stopinders?” Because only a thing that makes it through all seven stopinders will be complete.

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