Videos to support Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets The TEACHING GUIDE


The following supporting videos will be discussed throughout the Teaching Guide, and should be watched before reading the listed chapter.

Chapter 1

1.1 – The Strange New Science of Chaos

Chapter 2

2.1 – Supermassive Black Holes
2.2 – How the Universe Built Your Car (US Only)
2.3 – How the Universe Built Your Car (Rest of World)
2.3 – Creation

Chapter 3

3.1 – Supernatural Powers of Animals –  Extrasensory Perception
3.2 – Supernatural Powers of Animals – Close Encounters
3.3 – Supernatural Powers of Animals – Bees
3.4 – Supernatural Powers of Animals – Power of reflexes
3.5 – Supernatural Powers of Animals – Key to long life
3.6 – Evolutionary – Planet of Life – The Birth of the Earth

Chapter 4

4.1 – Protein Synthesis 1 – Protein the Stuff of Life
4.2 – Protein Synthesis 2 – DNA the molecule of hereditary
4.3 – Protein Synthesis 3 – DNA replication the repeating formula
4.4 – Protein Synthesis 4 – RNA Synthesis: The Genetic Messenger
4.5 – Protein Synthesis 5 – Transfer RNA: The Genetic Messenger
4.6 – Protein Synthesis 6 – Ribosomal RNA: The Protein Maker

Chapter 6

6.1 – The Mechanical Universe  – Atoms to Quarks
6.2 – Understanding Beauty

Additional Material

The Critical Eye Series (2003), recommended for destroying false belief structures, so Mr. Smith can better show you how to awaken.
A.1 The Critical Eye – Episode 1: Aliens
Examines evidence relating to UFO sightings, alien abductions, government conspiracies and communication with extra-terrestrial life forms.
A.2 The Critical Eye – Episode 2: Alternative Medicine
A look at ancient methods of healing, including acupuncture, homeopathy and the more modern reiki, gemstone, touch and magnetic therapy.
A.3 The Critical Eye – Episode 3: Mind Games
Investigates the science behind the unexplained, including subliminal messaging and mind games, through lively debate and extraordinary visuals.
A.4 The Critical Eye – Episode 4: Legendary Myths – Unavailable Currently
Investigates the science behind the unexplained, paranormal and New Age philosophies through lively debate and extraordinary visuals.
A.5 The Critical Eye – Episode 5: The Death Zone – Unavailable Currently
Explores life after death, as scientific analysis sheds light on the plausibility of near-death experiences, ghosts, spirits and reincarnation.
A.6 The Critical Eye – Episode 6: Mystical Wonders
Investigates the science behind the unexplained, paranormal and New Age philosophies through lively debate and extraordinary visuals.

B.1 Circle of Iron
Prior to the death of the legendary Bruce Lee, he helped to create a movie story that might capture not only the spirit of martial arts but a part of the zen philosophy by which he lived by. He was aware that a film with these dynamics would cause controversy, particularly among those unfamiliar with zen beliefs, but it was this very uniqueness that he believed would enthrall the movie goer. Bruce set the story of The Silent Flute in a land that never was–and always is. It is to Bruce Lee that this film is posthumously dedicated.
“A young martial artist embarks on an adventure, encountering other martial artists in battle until one day he meets an aging blind man who will show him the true meaning of martial arts and life.”

C.1 This is the Moment by The Acoustix
Barbershop quartet, The Acoustix, sing “This is the Moment,” taken from the album “Stars and Stripes.” An appropriate song to listen to after you awaken.
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