The Changing of the Law of Seven from Sevenths to Diatonic

“These changes in the functioning of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh consisted in this, that in three of its Stopinders HE altered the, what are called ‘subjective actions’ which had been until then in the Stopinders, in this respect, that in one HE lengthened the law conformable successiveness; shortened it in another; and in a third, disharmonized it…”

From the Big Bang to the Diatonic Enneagram

“…And, namely, with the purpose of providing the ‘requisite inherency’ for receiving, for its functioning, the automatic affluence of all forces which were near, HE lengthened the Stopinder between its third and fourth deflections.”

The Nutrition Diagram (with music)

All three foods enter the top story, through the mouth, through the nose, or through sight or hearing. Then, food goes to the lower story, to the stomach; air goes to the middle story, to the lungs; and, impressions stay in the upper story, in the head brain, where they entered.

Food then moves up by Harnel-Miaznel, until it cannot move up anymore. Another force must enter and shock food. That other force is air. When air enters and moves up, it carries food with it. Now, both food and air are moving up by Harnel-Miaznel… but there comes a moment when air stops, too.

Now, impressions, which stopped where they entered, need self-remembering to become higher. If they receive self-remembering, they get shocked; when they do, they carry air along for the ride. Next, there is a place where both food and impressions stop… where one final shock is needed to complete the model. That shock is called the transformation of negative emotions into positive emotions.


Enneagram Forces

All teachings based upon the works of R. A. Smith and G. I. Gurdjieff.

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