This website is for everyone who seeks to attain a state of higher consciousness. A state also called “Awakened” or “Enlightenment”; one where thoughts, worries, anxieties, negativity, and all worldly concerns, cease and fall away, leaving you with a heightened sense of personal-self, stillness, presence, and unity.

You will find podcasts, videos, diagrams, animations, aphorisms, and a downloadable PDF E-Book, which contains an extremely precise road map that clearly shows the destination, called Eight-Days to Enlightenment. Plus, a mathematically verifiable, objective way to reach it. 

We know that many people have made sensational claims about having remarkable things. Unfortunately, most of those claims did not live up to the hype. Perhaps, after reading our remarkable claim, you may be thinking the same thing about us. However, what if our claim is true? If it is… it just might change your life. But do not believe us, investigate us; listen to our podcasts, read how the secret was found, and delve into how it is being released to the world. We will even let you read the first Chapter of Eight-Days to Enlightenment for FREE.

See if it makes as much good sense to you as it does to us. If so, take the leap, purchase Eight-Days to Enlightenment, and begin your journey to awakening.

It will be the best investment you ever made.

The author often says,

“There is no greater joy in life than to put truth in the hands of those who seek it, and then watch them awaken.”

THEDOG Teachings Podcasts

An objective way to awaken

A Secret Found

The story of an objective exercise, of the man who found it, and most importantly, of an eight day journey that shows others how to awaken.

An objective way released

Now available to everyone

An Objective Way Unleashed

Once discovered, and perfected, it was organized into a form that is now available to the world.

Eight-Days to Enlightenment Cover

Your path to awakening

Eight-Days to

A book that allows everyone to understand the true nature of reality and realize their full human potential.

An Eight-Day Objective Way to Enlightenment

Resources to support your Eight-Day Inner Journey


View and download diagrams, showing all aspects of the structure, referenced in the podcasts, and in the Eight-Days to Enlightenment E-Book.

Changing of the Law of Seven animation


Watch Gurdjieff’s discourses on the changing of the Law of Seven in motion.

Aphorisms & DOGTALES

All Gurdjieff aphorisms and SMith DOGTALES with images and simple explanations.

Articles and Posts

Public articles and postings from THEDOG Teachings

Teachings based upon the works of R. A. Smith and G. I. Gurdjieff.

All material © 2020 THEDOG Publishing

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