A complete course in awakening higher centers in 520 full-color pages, includingThe Objective Exercise to awaken. By understanding simple rules and laws, and practising described exercises, achieve personal unity and awaken higher centers of consciousness, objectively.




Not just a book, but an entire eight-day course, and all the material and understanding required, to awaken higher centers. 520 pages. Order now.




Discover the structure behind all phenomena, which will lead you to higher states of consciousness….

Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Blueprint of Consciousness

Seventy years ago, Gurdjieff left his amazing work to the world. Unfortunately, Gurdjieff awoke subjectively, and as such, his teachings remained dormant because by law, subjective ways cannot be taught in books, nor replicated by others.

Fortunately, thirty years after Gurdjieff’s death, Russell A. Smith deciphered the secrets that Gurdjieff had left behind, and as a result he awoke. Ten years later, he discovered an objective way to awaken others.

Realizing the magnitude of that discovery, he wanted to protect it, as he saw how Gurdjieff’s teachings had become distorted. Thus, in order to prevent it from exploitation, Russell chose to control the narrative, and as such, he personally and individually began showing others how to awaken, and since then, hundreds have.

The Blueprint of Consciousness – An Accelerated Path to Awakening, is an objective testament to what Gurdjieff intentionally left behind, and provides, for the first time, a repeatable way for everyone to realize the meaning and truth of their existence, which was what Gurdjieff wished for us all.

So, if you are seeking Truth, rejoice, because an objective and accelerated path to awakening now beckons you.

The Blueprint of Consciousness is a 520 page e-book that reveals an ultimate structure behind all phenomena in the Universe; a structure that, when understood, allows the reader to perform an exercise called “The Objective Exercise” that contains a Great Secret and a Great Truth, which unifies their three lower centers into one, causing them to awaken.

It includes Mr. Smith’s seminal book Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets, explaining the laws of world creation and world maintenance using simple mathematics that everyone can do, as well as good common-sense ideas that everyone will understand.

Over the past 30 years, I have taken hundreds of seekers on the inner journey to awakening.

It took them 8 days, on average, to learn and understand the laws of world creation and world maintenance. After which, we performed an objective exercise and they awoke. That method of operation persisted for nearly 30 years.

Unfortunately, as I am no longer young and spry, I have decided to stop personally taking seekers on the journey.

Instead, I have placed the journey, and The Objective Exercise, in a publication called The Blueprint of Consciousness – An Accelerated Path to Awakening, so that everyone who wishes to make the journey can now take the journey, in there own time, without needing me.

Here is the 8 day agenda that was followed, and its results.

Day 1: Chapter 1. When we began Chapter 1, most were afraid of the math, but by the time they did the homework at the end of Chapter 1, and the first two octave worksheets, they confidently said, “Give me another one. This is easy. I can do this.”

Day 2: Chapter 2. They started to grasp Creation, and when I stretched and rumpled the fabric of the Universe and created the Diatonic Ratios, they began to sense that there was something very objective about this work.

Day 3: Chapter 3. At the end of Chapter 3, they realized that it just might be possible for them to awaken. After all, it was their right, and they had the necessary parts. As such, they began to do the THEDOG training exercises with great force, so that they would be super prepared for the now perceived real possibility of success.

Day 4: Chapter 4. Harmonic stability became a reality, and the exquisite math of oscillations and the tRNA molecule set them a shaking. In fact, they often uttered, “Oh my God, this is incredible.”

Day 5: Chapter 5. Assisting forces appeared, which further put a nail in the coffin their of uncertainty; after which, they started expecting to awaken.

Day 6: Chapter 6. A matrix of outer octaves unfolded before their eyes, and when it did, everything in the Universe began to make sense, to where they no longer expected to awaken, but started demanding it.

Day 7: Chapter 7. Everything that was not covered in the first 6 chapters was finally unveiled in Chapter 7. That is, all the knots were tied and the bows affixed. Then, when they self-discovered the Lines of Supervision in an Enneagram, most began to tremble. They were ready!

Day 8: After one final night of polishing their centers, the ones that were needed for awakening, we met the next morning around 11 AM. At that time, I explained The Objective Exercise to them in detail. When I did, they saw it, they understood it, and they realized it was infallible, and as such, they knew they were going to awaken.

So, I locked the door, disconnected the phone, dimmed the lights, and played some “I can barely hear it” instrumental, New Age/Zen type music (something, which they could not easily focus on, nor recognize) … and then, I led them through The Objective Exercise, which took us about 15 minutes.

When I did, they awoke.

After which, they sat silently. Their random thoughts stopped, and they felt the presence of their Steward.

Most were afraid to move or even to open their eyes, as they did not want to do anything that might cause their awakened state to go away.

Fortunately, when it did not, they eventually opened their eyes, looked over at me and smiled, and I smiled back.

Then, in silence, they went up to the guest room, and exhausted, took a nap.

After their nap, when they realized that their Steward was still present, they found their way back downstairs … grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

We nodded, and they became students of THEDOG.

After which, they usually asked, “Can you show me how to awaken the Higher Mental Center as well?”

I said, “I can.”

So, if you too would like to awaken, join us … and let Russell show you the way.

THEDOG Teachings

We are students and teachers of THEDOG school, which is an acronym for Theological Harmonistic Exercitations into the Discoveries Of Gurdjieff. It was founded in 1989 by Russell A. Smith...

The Author's Story

The author stumbled upon the Gurdjieff work in the late 1970s, and saw so many great truths contained therein that he didn’t want to do anything else but study himself...

An Objective Way To Awaken

Until now, all ways to enlightenment or awakening have been subjective and unpredictable. However, a Great Secret and Great Truth is now being made available that will change everything...

An Objective Exercise

After studying all seven chapters of Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide, completing the worksheets, building the models, and practicing the exercises given...


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What We Are About

We are students and teachers of THEDOG school, which is an acronym for Theological Harmonistic Exercitations into the Discoveries Of Gurdjieff. It was founded in 1989 by Russell A. Smith. Our aim is to disseminate the full teaching materials of the school, which were designed for the purpose of helping everyone who finds this website, to objectively and intentionally awaken a higher state of consciousness.

That is, to put into the hands of those who comes across this site, a new and completely unique, understandable, and infallible method of awakening.

The Purpose of the Site

This site is designed to supply everyone with the supporting material needed for making a journey to objective awakening. It includes podcasts, which cover exercises to prepare their being; videos, which reveal the objective nature of reality, and help people debunk their subjective ideas; diagrams, which explain all key concepts of Gurdjieff’s universe; and animations of the Enneagram, the changing of the two great laws, and articles on awakening, as well as, explanations of Gurdjieff’s aphorisms and Smith’s DOG Tales.


Listen to all the weekly podcasts, with diagrams and transcripts.


These aphorisms were written in the early half of the last century, where respect and recognition of gender identity was not prevalent.


All diagrams necessary for the study of Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide.


G. I. Gurdjieff aphorisms explained and illustrated, as inscribed in a special script on the walls of the Study House at The Prieuré, d’Avon, France, together with R. A. Smith DOG Tales, extending and developing the aphorisms, to describe the objective world. `


The supporting videos will be discussed throughout the Teaching Guide, and should be watched before reading the listed chapters.


Exercises come in 3 parts: Magnetic Center, Deputy Steward and Steward.


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