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There is a simple structure behind all phenomena in the Universe. If someone learns and understands this structure, they can be guided through an objective exercise, which will cause them to experience a higher state of consciousness.

This website is for anyone who seeks to experience this, and attain permanent higher states of consciousness.

It includes podcasts, videos, diagrams, and PDFs of all seven chapters of the book that will guide you – Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets The TEACHING GUIDE, plus a mathematically verifiable objective exercise for awakening.  

We know that many people make remarkable claims.  So, either, we are blowing smoke, or… it is true.  And, if it is true, it just might change your life.  But, don’t believe us.  Investigate.  Prove us wrong.  Listen to our podcasts.  Read the Author’s Story.  Delve into the Introduction. We will even let you read the first Chapter of the Teaching Guide for Free. 

See if it makes as much good sense to you as it does to us.  If it does, then take the leap and purchase the Teaching Guide so that you too, can begin your journey to awakening. It will be the best investment, of time and effort, you ever make.

The author often says, “There is no greater joy in life than to put truth in the hands of those who seek it, and then watch them awake.”

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