An Objective Way to Awaken

Until now, all ways to enlightenment or awakening have been subjective and unpredictable. However, a Great Secret and Great Truth is now being made available that will change everything. We are pleased to announce, there is a proven way to reach higher states of consciousness. One that is verifiable and repeatable. Not a make-believe way, nor a pseudo way, but a real and actual objective way to awaken.

The fundamental idea is:

There is a simple structure behind all phenomena in the Universe that – if learnt and understood – allows a person to be guided through an objective exercise, which contains a Great Secret and a Great Truth that is so profound, it will cause them to attain a higher state of consciousness…

… a state, which is often called enlightenment; or, the state of being awake.

Most importantly, since it is created intentionally, and not accidentally, it has a sense of permanence, for it can easily be repeated.

Its significance was instantly recognized by Mr. Smith, prompting him to write the book Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets and share its discovery.

Its aim was to give readers salient information about the structure of the Universe, knowing that – should they ever choose to pursue his discovery, the objective exercise, and the Great Secret and Great Truth, they would already possess the fundamental and necessary knowledge.

Many of his readers did make that choice, which prompted them to contact Mr. Smith and ask if they could come and study with him. When they did, he told them that the journey took ten-days – two days travel – and eight days studying Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets one-on-one with him, and that he only allowed one student at a time. Saying, “I do not do groups. I teach. I do not do motivational lectures that give people a warm feeling. If that is all you want, stay home and take a hot bath. But, if you want something more, and are willing to put your nose to the grindstone for eight-days, I will personally take you on the journey and show you how to awaken… and, I will do it for free!”

1-2-1 Guidance

In addition to receiving his personal guidance, they watched supporting videos, read supporting literature, calculated supporting structures, and did supporting exercises… journaling their results, which Mr. Smith observed and carefully examined.

When he was certain that they understood the structure, he would share with them the objective exercise, and the Great Secret and Great truth, which would cause them to awaken. But not before that, as he did not want their efforts to fail. That turned out to be a good call, for…

…almost everyone awoke.

After their journey was complete, Mr. Smith allowed another enthusiastic reader to come; and, the process was repeated.

Thus, over the next 20 years, hundreds of people, from all over the world, sojourned to Texas, completed their ten-day journey, and awoke.

Fortunately, Mr. Smith recorded many of those ten-day journeys; and, thereafter, constructed them into “Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide”. A book that showed everyone – even those who could not come to Texas – how to awaken.

When people started waking up just by studying Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide, doing the objective exercise, and learning the Great Secret and Great Truth, Mr. Smith, clearly, became aware that their awakenings were totally independent of his personal guidance, which compelled him to announce – with a sense of pride – that he would no longer be taking others on the ten-day journey… because…


…equipped with Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guidethe objective exercise, and the Great Secret and Great Truth, they were able to complete the journey on their own.

Then, in a tone, which indicated a certain definiteness of purpose, he said, “Our goal will now be to gather all supportive material and put it on a website, to construct podcasts, suggest videos, create animations, list foundational literature, and provide additional teachings, so that we can give everyone, who wishes to make the journey, the same supportive material that I gave to those who took the journey.” He then paused, smiled, and said, “If we do this right, instead of waking up just one person every ten-days, we will be able to wake up thousands.”

As a result, we created this website. Its primary focus is to provide you with the supportive material needed for awakening, with a secondary focus on cutting through the swathes of subjectivity that have clouded our journeys through life, all the while, holding steadfast onto Mr. Smith’s original intention of showing everyone, who wishes to take the journey, how to make the journey. At its core is Mr. Smith’s first book Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets, which is thoroughly examined and explained in his current work Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide, and is accompanied by associated diagramspodcastsvideosanimations, and the aphorisms and “DOG Tales”.

However, we realize that the real prize is gaining access to the objective exercise, and to the Great Secret and the Great Truth, which is why they are included for FREE with your $90.00 purchase. In addition, you will also receive Mr. Smith’s first book Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – a $25.00 value, as it has been merged into The Teaching Guide.

Mr. Smith wanted The Blueprint of Consciousness, the objective exercise, and the Great Secret and Great Truth to be his legacy to humanity, so he packaged everything into one single download, saying…

“If we really want to wake up thousands, we have to give them everything they need; and, we have to make it affordable.”

So, if you wish to take the journey to awakening, it is now available for $149.00 in hardback, or $90.00 as a downloadable PDF. With it, and with the supportive resources found on this website, you will have – as it says in the header:


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