This is the first part of a four part exercise to objectively awaken higher centers. This part is the preliminary explanation of how the exercise works. It describes what is needed to get here; and, what is needed to go forward. The exercise, colloquially called “The Objective Exercise” has been placed on the last 30 pages of  The Blueprint of Consciousness, which contains full details on the rules and laws that support awakening.

Here is how it is presented

Are you ready to awaken? I bet you are.

After studying all seven chapters of The Blueprint of Consciousness, completing the worksheets, building the models, and practicing the exercises given at the end of Chapter 3, not to mention your stellar results performing the Threefold Attention Exercise, which, by the way, was our very first podcast, you are now worthy of discovering The Objective Exercise… and awakening.

Let’s begin.

More than just an exercise

Before I actually tell you The Objective Exercise, I am going to thoroughly explain it to you in detail, so that you will know exactly what is going to happen, and why. That is, you will understand how it works, grasp why it is virtually infallible, and comprehend why it cannot be anything but successful.

The Objective Exercise has four Parts. This part, the first part, is The Preliminary Explanation. The second part is the Premise; in it, we will explain the crux of the exercise. The third Part is the Great Secret and Great Truth; with its knowledge, you will be able to perform the Fourth part, The Objective Exercise, with great force.

But, before I explain the Premise, tell you the Secret and the Great Truth, and lead you through The Objective Exercise, which will wake you up, let’s do a quick review of some of the things that you have learned that are pertinent to the process.

We only understand what makes sense

We will begin with the idea that for anything in life to work, it must be understood. And, in order to be understood, it must make sense. Fortunately, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide made sense. The mathematics made sense. Russell’s stories made sense. Unification made sense. Everything we discussed made sense.

Such as, a person has six centers: an instinctive center, a moving center, an emotional center, an intellectual center, a higher emotional center, and a higher mental center; and, that there are six stages of life: instinctive plants, and moving, emotional, intellectual, higher emotional, and higher mental animals. Which too, made sense.

To awaken the higher emotional center, a person must unify their lower centers. That is, their instinctive, moving, and emotional centers, which, if functioning together, act like cells that have become tissues; and, when that happens, the cells gain higher properties. As it is with your lower centers, which too, gain higher properties when they become unified. For human beings, the higher properties are self-remembering, conscience, and self-consciousness. Which also, clearly, made sense.

Life begins with DNA

We learned how life began with DNA, a molecule that could copy itself; and, by so doing, could remember what it had discovered. That DNA was the first moment of self-remembering in the Universe. And, because of that, the evolution of life began. Since that moment, everything has been trying to make copies of itself, trying to remember itself, trying to duplicate, just like DNA.

Instinctive plants duplicated. Then, movement began, and creepy crawling creatures appeared, which too sought to copy themselves. Thereafter, animals started to feel, and began taking care of their young, which further enhanced the duplicating principle. Next, intelligent animals found the same place to mate year after year. Followed by pack animals, and herd animals, who worked together in order to survive, creating societal organizations that covered the Earth, again, all serving the duplicating principle, all trying to remember themselves. That too, made sense.

Then, once animals had fully developed all of those centers, spillage occurred; and, human beings appeared. When they did, they gained a new property; the property of reason. Reason gave humans superiority over the animals. Which also made sense.

The rise of reason

When I told you the story of the curved rock and how reason might have begun, that too made sense.

We also saw how primitive human beings, who lived in caves, needed to use all of their centers in order to survive. After all, they lived in a very dangerous world. But, unfortunately, their reason came from spillage, and was not something that they, themselves, personally acquired. That is, since reason was not self-attained, they did not understand what reason was actually for. Thus, after it appeared, they did not know what to do with it, except, to use its properties to fashion a weapon, destroy the dangerous animals, and to build a fence. They used their reason to make the world a safer place for their children… which made sense to them. Unfortunately, they did not realize that what they were doing was destroying the possibility for their children to self-attain reason, which certainly made sense to us.

False Reason becomes dominant

Humanity’s fraudulent reason, quickly became dominant. They no longer had to run faster than danger, they had a spear, they had a crossbow, they had a .357 Magnum. Their non-self-attained reason made them superior. They no longer needed to use their lower centers to survive. Because of that, they lost the function of their Higher Emotional Center, as it was dependent upon the unification of their lower centers. And, as such, they became un-enlightened, they lost their conscience, and their state of self-consciousness. Unfortunately, that too, made sense.

Afterwhich, all they needed was mechanical reason, the ability to go A, B, C, D, E, F, G; and, when they did, their mechanical reason was rewarded with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a Doctorate. Unfortunately, the Mechanical Part of the Mechanical Part of their Higher Mental Center endowed the Mechanical Part of their Intellectual Center with automatic reason, simple comparison. Their mechanical reason was now superior to the functions of their other centers, even superior to the functions of the higher parts of those centers… which also made perfect sense.

We saw how, in ancient times, early humans did many amazing things. There were a lot of smart people back then. Close societies, whose children grew up and became responsible contributing members. Then, something happened, and it stopped being that way. It stopped making sense.

Fakirs, Monks, and Yogis

Even Fakirs, Monks, and Yogis could not reclaim what had been lost; once the light of conscience went out, even they could not re-enlighten it. That is, they did not know how to get their centers from being in the lower stories to being in the upper story, that is, to have their lower centers occupy a higher place. Their centers remained separated, driven by the mechanical part of the Intellectual center. People no longer needed to utilize the higher parts of their lower centers, because the mechanical part of their Intellectual center made the other centers moot. Thus, they no longer needed to develop heightened sensations, movements, or feelings

Someone, following the way of the fakir, monk, or yogi, might get something every twenty years or so, which kept the idea alive that their way was a legitimate way. But, since only a few ever attained enlightenment, they had to perpetrate the idea that awakening was very hard. But that is not true.

If someone said to an orange tree that making oranges was very hard, and that only one tree every twenty years or so might make an orange, that would sound pretty silly to us, as it would make no sense. Even Jesus said, our awakening was something that should quickly come to pass. That does not sound like a twenty-year journey to me.

All human beings, when they reach responsible age, should awaken. However, after they destroyed their lower centers, they had to invent the “only-one-can-do-it-every-twenty-years-or-so” excuse.

Purge the wrong data

Gurdjieff repeatedly wrote about this in Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. He explained that Purgatory was a place where higher beings go to purge the wrong data they received. So, that they too might become enlightened.

Russell saw the journey. He saw how nature shoved life up to reason. Then, how reason destroyed the centers that supported it. He saw how humans fell back into their Formatory Apparatuses and only used the mechanical parts of their centers.

I repeat: Humans only use the mechanical parts of their centers. They are automatons; machines, with no unified attention.

When, scientists studied the attention spans of babies, children, and grown ups, they found that most people have a very short attention span, and are unable to hold attention for very long, except for mechanical, automatic attention.

In Chapter 3, we discussed how the first humans acquired reason. And, at the end of the book, in A Law Conformable Schematic for Awakening Higher Centers, we saw how they lost it. When that happened, there were not enough unified centers to support their self-consciousness and their conscience. Thus, the functioning of their Higher Emotional Centers ceased; and, they fell asleep. Humans have been trying to awaken ever since. Trying to claw their way back up. They have followed every measure of religion and philosophy. They have tried everything. They even ate Gurdjieff salad and became vegetarians. Gosh, how many times have people swapped religions… trying to find one that might get them back to something real; but, to no avail.

The quest to find an objective way

Fortunately, Russell Smith got lucky; he woke up subjectively. He had a series of events happen during his life that woke him up. It all began when he found the Gurdjieff work and immersed himself in it. He read for hours every day, he did certain exercises, he memorized certain material, and he studied certain images and models. And, then, one day, he woke up!

Later on, when students came into his life and wished to attain what they saw in him, they too, began reading the same books, doing the same exercises, memorizing the same passages, and studying the same images and models, however, unfortunately, they did not wake up.

So, Russell began a multi-year journey trying to find out why…. Eventually, he put the question to his higher center, a center he had learned to communicate with, and asked, “Why do my students not awaken? Why do they not have what I have, inner silence, freedom, clarity, reason, impartiality, no hatred, no anger, and no disappointment?”

He sincerely wanted to know why they were not awake. After all, they were honorable folks. They were good people. They were sincere. They tried hard. They read. They did the exercises. They did all the things that Russell did; why did they not awaken?

All ways are subjective ways

That is when Russell’s higher center answered, “You awoke subjectively”, it said. “Everyone who wakes up, wakes up subjectively; and, you, nor they, can share a subjective way.”

It explained to him that when a person awakes subjectively, that is, if certain things happen to them, at the right time, in the right sequence, which causes them to awaken, they will be unable to show others how to do the same. Like the story I told you about the guy who accidentally kicked the root and awoke. After which, a school was formed, composed of people who also tried to kick the root and awaken. People, trying desperately to reproduce the same outcome from the same input, but never did. However, every twenty-years-or-so someone does. They kick the root just right; and, thus, keep that subjective way alive.

Russell saw the tragedy of it all. He saw how even a real school, which may have been created by someone who actually awoke, was unable to show others how to awaken since they awoke subjectively.

He saw why all schools failed. He saw how they all died when their teacher died, which was of great concern to him, as it affected the well being of his students!

He does not know why he responded the way that he did. Perhaps, he was feeling frustration, or was overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness, or was just experiencing the tragedy of it all. But something in him looked back at the higher center; and, in a rather angry tone, yelled, “Then give me an objective way!”

The importance of understanding the simple rules and laws

His higher center responded, “Since you already know the rules and laws”, it said. “That is, since you have already deciphered the structure, and understand how the system works, I will give you a simple exercise that will awaken others, provided they too understand the structure. I repeat, if they understand the rules and laws, it will be very easy to show them how to awaken.”

It then gave Russell an objective exercise to that end. Reiterating, that they first need to learn the structure, that is, to understand the law-conformability of the rules and laws, after which, they could perform the exercise, unify their lower centers, reactivate their Higher Emotional Center, and awaken.

It was almost like saying, “If someone knew the simple rules and laws of how to add and subtract, multiply, and divide, they would be able to do higher mathematics.” All they needed was to learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. If they did, they would be able to do trigonometry, algebra, and calculus, because higher mathematics is just the extension of lower mathematics, of simple rules and laws.

There are simple rules and laws behind awakening as well. Fortunately, we already discovered them. Remember all the charts and diagrams that explained everything, explained how everything worked, and revealed a structure behind the Universe; a structure that defined the Enneagram, the lines of supervision, how things externally work, how things internally work, centers, parts, atoms, quarks, RNA, DNA, higher centers; and, what unification brings?

God, we had a plethora of things that were all created by a simple set of rules and laws.

As such, we can use the certainty of that simple set of rules and laws, which happens to be behind everything, to perform an objective exercise, recreate ourselves, and awaken.

Are you ready?

It begins with the Premise….

You will receive the next 25 pages containing: The Premise, the Great Secret and the Great Truth, and the Objective Exercise with your purchase of  The Blueprint of Consciousness – An Accelerated Path to Awakening, which will make even better sense; and, when it does, you will awaken.

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