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We are students and teachers of THEDOG school, which is an acronym for Theological Harmonistic Exercitations into the Discoveries Of Gurdjieff. It was founded in 1989 by Russell A. Smith. Our aim is to disseminate the full teaching materials of the school, which were designed for the purpose of helping everyone, who finds this website, to objectively and intentionally awaken a higher state of consciousness.

That is, to put into the hands of everyone, who comes across this site, a new and completely unique, understandable and infallible method of awakening.

An awakened state is our natural right. One where thoughts, worries, anxieties, negativity, and all worldly concerns, cease, and fall away, leaving us with a heightened sense of personal-self, stillness, presence, and unity.

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The purpose of this site

This site is designed to supply everyone with all the supporting material they need for their journey to objective awakening. It includes podcasts, which cover exercises to prepare their being; videos that reveal the objective nature of reality, and help them debunk their subjective ideas; diagrams that explain all key concepts of Gurdjieff’s universe; animations of the Enneagram, the changing of the two great laws, and articles on awakening, as well as, Gurdjieff’s aphorisms and Smith’s DOG Tales… with explanations included.

Most importantly, everyone has access to a downloadable PDF E-Book called, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide“, which contains an extremely precise and verifiable road map to the reality of being.

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Why an objective way?

Unfortunately, all awakened teachers awake subjectively, and often by surprise. As such, all schools die when their teacher dies. Why? Because no one can pass on to others the subjective way in which they themselves awoke. They can advise and guide others, but their subjective way is utterly unique and personal. People who follow that subjective way may get close, and perhaps may even succeed. That is, after decades of long hard work, but very few followers actually awaken – because each subjective way depends on chance, not on what is actually being taught. What is being taught is not the way because that way was not intentionally walked. It just happened.

An objective way is based on verifiable truths; ones, that everyone can see, understand, realize, and repeat. There are very few things in this world that are like that, aside from numbers. One plus one is two, everywhere in this universe; and, for everyone.

Russell’s method of objective awakening is based upon a discovered structure, and how that structure works. A structure that describes both our inner world of thoughts and emotions, and the outer physical world in which we live. If we could just align ourselves with it, we would be able to attain a natural state of being, and begin to feel all that comes with it. This teaching dispels all subjective ideas, shows us objective reality, and culminates in an objective exercise that will unify our lower centers, and allows us to awaken.

The awakening exercise is based on the structure of the Diatonic Enneagram, and has been tried and tested on hundreds of people as part of an eight day inner journey. It is objective. Everyone can learn it. Everyone can do it. Everyone can awaken.

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The history of the teaching

In 1980, Russell A. Smith, after years of studying the works of George I. Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way, unexpectedly and subjectively, “woke up”.

He continued to study the rules and laws of G. I. Gurdjieff’s universe, and uncovered many of Gurdjieff’s “buried dogs”, which culminated in him finding the ultimate discovery that Gurdjieff wanted us to find – how the Enneagram described the structure of the universe, and the structure of human beings; both in terms of their form and of their functions. What Russell discovered, described everything; and, the more he studied, the more connections he was able to verify, until their truth became undeniable. After which, he founded a school, worked with hundreds of students, and captured all that he had discovered, in his seminal book, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets.

And, in the late 1980’s, after further intense study, he was given an exercise that caused others to unify into a single state, and to experience a higher states of consciousness.

Then, in the late 2010’s, transcripts were made of him taking students through those inner journeys; and, later, they were developed into a book called, “Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide”, which puts the flesh on the bones of Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets, and guides the reader through the inner journey, as if Russell, himself, was sitting alongside them.

How we can help you awaken

Russell A. Smith deciphered Chapter 39 of G. I. Gurdjieff’s masterful tome, All and Everything, where Gurdjieff describes how the universe was created through two movements. Together, with Gurdjieff’s description of the diagram of nutrition, Russell discovered the Diatonic Enneagram and three congruent octaves, which completely explained what Gurdjieff had alluded to, and more importantly, explained everything else: From three levels of quarks, to the electrical charges of protons and neutrons, elemental creation, electron shell formation, the Fibonacci sequence, the evolution of life itself, including tRNA and DNA, and even the possible conscious evolution of humankind.

It showed intrinsic oscillations, and the obligatory gaps; and, most importantly, a way to the source of our being. It also explained how we fell asleep and how we can awaken by simply understanding the rules and laws that apply to the universe, and to ourselves.

Everything that Russell taught, over the last 30 years, is now being made available to everyone. That is, to learn, and understand the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance, as originally taught by Gurdjieff, and to undertake an objective exercise that will unify our being and cause us to awaken.

“There is no greater joy in life than to put truth in the hands of those who seek it, and then watch them awaken.”

R. A. Smith

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