S3/EP01: Beelzebubs Last Wish – Part 1

Podcast Series 3, Episode 1: Beelzebub’s Last Wish – Part 1

Beelzebub's Last Wish - Part 1

Beelzebub’s Last Wish – Part 1

In this new third series, we give you part one of a two part story based upon Gurdjieff’s masterpiece, All and Everything, a book also know as Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. In this episode, we tell a story about what happens to Hassein after the ending of Gurdjieff’s book All and Everything. This podcast and transcript, and all other supporting materials for these tachings, can be found on our website at thedogteachings.com. If you would like to help support these podcasts, donations can be made through anchor.fm at the link anchor.fm/thedogteachings, by clicking the “Support” button therein. Thank you.

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Welcome to the third and new series of THEDOG Teachings podcasts. In the first series we talked through exercises intended to unify your three centers: mind, emotion and body, leaving you with a calm, peaceful state, and an alert sense of self. In the second series, we talked deeply about the rules and laws of world creation and world maintenance, explaining how a simple diatonic structure describes all phenomena in the universe, and the inner world of a human being. We spoke about functional Enneagrams, strivings, triads and forces, inner and outer octaves, why we feel asleep and how we can awaken, the ray of creation, the harmonic nature of the universe, oscillations, points of tension, octaves in every interva;l, and we even included a fairy tale that symbolised an inner journey of conscious evolution. 

We ended the second series with the first two parts of a four part exercise that caused people to objectively awaken, known as The Objective Exercise. An exercise that contained a Great Secret and a Great Truth, which allowed everyone who knew it, after learning the rules and laws that make this world so, to experience unity of being, and to awaken to higher centers. To awaken to the seat of conscience, where thoughts cease and where truth is realised as a direct and knowing experience.

We now take a departure from the in-depth discussions that have been drawn from Russell A. Smith’s book Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide, which is available for download on our website at thedogteachings.com. This third series includes narratives based on and around two books – Gurdjieff’s masterpiece called All and Everything, otherwise known as Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, and Ouspensky’s lectures on the nature of humanity and how it may develop, called The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution. After this, we will begin a new series with talks on simple common sense and the application of this work in life, and what it can do for you.

Today we will share Part 1 of a book Mr. Smith started to write called Beelzebub’s Last Wish, a story about what happens to Hassein after the ending of Gurdjieff’s book All and Everything.


Everything is Relative

Silence permeated Hassein’s inner world, for he already knew the contents of the etherogram that was being handed to him by a messenger who had obviously made great haste in bringing it….

Beelzebub, his most beloved grandfather, was dead.

Fortunately, Hassein had previously, consciously prepared himself for this inauspicious event, knowing well beforehand of its inevitability. However, he was not at all prepared for the request that was attached, nor for the degree of exultation-bereavement that was about to be evoked in his being. The request read as follows:

“My dear Hassein…it is my final wish that my planetary remains be laid to rest in that solar system which served–for me–as the cathode beginning of all that I have accomplished in this Universe, namely, that solar system Ors; and I further request that you, yourself, personally accompany them in order to choose a suitable location befitting the tzimus of my existence.”

It was signed by Beelzebub; and also bore the seal of the All-Quarters-Maintainer, the Most Great Archangel Sakaki, which indicated that our Most Most Holy Endlessness, Himself, was not only aware of such a request but had fully sanctioned it. Then, in something that resembled a post-script, Beelzebub had added…“I start over.”

Hassein’s face went blank as he inwardly, simultaneously experienced the aforementioned state of exultation-bereavement; and could neither rejoice from the genuine, objective impulse that arises in a being when he essence-recognizes the phenomenal accomplishment of another; nor cry from the greatest subjective impulse of self-losing. And the reason for the arousal in Hassein of these two, sharply opposite, being sensations stemmed from his realization that Beelzebub was not only physically dead…but that his “higher-being-parts” had transcended the limits of the Universe…and, such a transcending signified, both: the ultimate universal attainment; and, the greatest universal loss.

Hassein was aware that such a possibility was possible, for when it recently, unexpectedly occurred for the first time in the Universe it was Hassein who stepped forth to explain it. However, since it had occurred only “once” in the infinity of the Universe no one seriously considered that it would ever happen again; let alone, that if it did happen again…that it would happen so soon.

The first unexpected occurrence happened during a special luncheon-gathering, held in honor of the Great All-Quarters-Maintainer Arch Cherub Helkgematios, who, long ago, had become the first being in the Universe to merit the Sacred Anklad; that is, to attain the eighteenth gradation of reason–the degree of reason which was third after the reason of our Endlessness and which was everywhere believed to be “the highest gradation of reason that any independent individual could attain”. During this luncheon-gathering, right after the customary accolades had been extolled upon Arch Cherub Helkgematios, Arch Cherub Peshtvogner asked Helkgematios this question: “Having become…the first to become…all that you can possibly become–and now, having, for so long, been…all that you can possibly be…what next?”

The rest is legendary. The Great Arch Cherub Helkgematios…sat silently–appearing to be in a state of deep reflection–then, looking in the direction of the Sun Absolute and in a tone of surprised realization, he simply said, “I start over.” Afterwhich, he stood up and disappeared.

Everyone was bewildered by what had happened, even the Great-Arch-Chemist-Physicist Angel Looisos was unable to offer a plausible solution; that is, until Hassein came forward and suggested that the answer could be found within the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance…in the duplicating principle.

Hassein suggested that perhaps the duplicating principle was not only the founding principle of the Universe but also its ultimate possibility. “Everyone knows that the way down is the way up,” he said, referring to how the harmonic structure of descending forces becomes the requisite structure for ascending forces. Hassein also pointed out that the process of ascension occurs “only if and when any three harmonically-ratioed forces reblend; and continues,” he said, “only for as long as the three forces remain in the harmonic ratio.” However,” he asked, “what would happen if the Three Holy Forces, which are capable of being held in harmonic ratio, were to be, intentionally, held at the same identical ratio?”

“Why, the Three Holy Forces would become One!” exclaimed Archangel Looisos, “and we all know that one is indistinguishable from one,” he said; “and yet, one and one…become two; therefore, if something becomes one with one,” he added, “then that which was one must now be two.”

It took only a moment for Archangel Looisos to understand the significance of his response. The Oneness of God and the Universe had been duplicated! In other words, the Most Sacred Arch Cherub Helkgematios, through the process of becoming one, had, ultimately, fulfilled the duplicating principle; and was now the Endlessness of His own Universe!

What a glorious day that was…when the Universe, unexpectedly, first duplicated itself; and now, through Beelzebub–the first being to merit the Sacred Anklad while still coated in a planetary body–the Universe had done it again…this time, leaving behind, one last wish…a request from Beelzebub to his grandson.

Of course, the sanctioning of Beelzebub’s request by our Endlessness was not only appropriate but indeed necessary because this aforementioned solar system, Ors, had recently, within the last year–according to objective time calculation–been declared “off limits” by a specially prepared panel of sacred advisors; who’s sole responsibility it was “to foresee all cosmic calamities that may occur concerning the unfavorable contact with any of the three-brained-being-species that have arisen in the Universe.”

These sacred advisors had deduced that the three-brained-being-species breeding on the planet earth, which is, of course, a part of the solar system Ors, had recently acquired the ability to detect the movements of all inter-planetary spaceships entering their solar system, and also, to even detect those ships which fell in close proximity; and, well knowing that these peculiar three-brained-beings could not, as of yet, objectively perceive the sense of their own existence, could therefore, not be counted upon to fathom, even subjectively, the possibility of the existence of other beings.

Nonetheless, Beelzebub’s last request had been made…and sanctioned; and it was now Hassein’s obligation to fulfill it.

Hassein wasted no time in making arrangements. He cleared his schedule, indeterminately, then laid course for his home planet. Upon arrival, he was immediately informed that several of the most learned beings had already begun to ascertain how this covert operation, on which Hassein was about to embark, might be accomplished. He was hurriedly ushered into the great hall–the hall where all decisions of importance were customarily made–only to find the participants in a much heated debate.

“It cannot be done,” exclaimed the Chief-Common-Universal-Arch-Chemist-Physicist Angel Looisos…“according to my calculations we will, undoubtedly, be detected.”

“I concur, your reverence,” said Arch-Engineer Archangel Algamatant, as the others nodded in agreement.

“Why such a request was ever sanctioned by our Endlessness is beyond reason,” Looisos muttered.

“Maybe not,” declared Hassein, as he entered the great hall. “Perhaps, if we vary our line of falling at different points along the way, we might be able to keep the main star of that solar system always between us and the third planet. This should not only conceal our approach, but our presence as well…provided, of course, we do not have to make a sojourn to the third planet, itself, in which case, other measures will have to be formulated.”

The gathered assembly was stunned by Hassein’s remarks, and looked to Archangel Looisos for confutation. Looisos placed his right hand upon his chin and stared off into the distance. Then, while slightly nodding his head, he uttered to himself in a barely perceptible voice “that just might work.”

A few minutes passed before Looisos regained the presence of the moment, afterwhich, in an attempt to satisfy the expectations of his colleagues, he addressed Hassein in an authoritative tone. “How is it possible that you, Hassein–a young man–could conceive such a simple answer to what appeared to us to be such a difficult problem?”

Hassein paused for a moment; then, with a puzzled look on his face, he replied as if under an obvious assumption. “How could it be possible for a young man who has greatly benefited from the wisdom of his predecessors…to not!?”

Looisos began to laugh. “Ah, Hassein,” he said, “by the laws of the stars, and with the tact and wisdom of your grandfather, you have bested us once again.” Looisos arose and fondly embraced Hassein. “Now,” he said, “tell us of your calculations…we may not be young men, but we are still capable of learning.”

Everyone listened attentively as Hassein described his first visit to the Holy Planet Purgatory, recounting what his grandfather had told him about the moment of creation, and about the ensuing configuration of the two fundamental laws–the laws of Heptaparaparshinokh and Triamazikamno. He then quoted, precisely, the instructions given to him by his grandfather. Instructions that had served for Hassein as the “motivating force” behind his investigations into the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance:

“Try very hard to understand everything that will relate to both these fundamental cosmic sacred laws, since knowledge of these sacred laws, particularly knowledge relating to the particularities of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, will help you in the future to understand very easily and very well all the second-grade and third-grade laws of World-creation and World-existence. Likewise, an all-round awareness of everything concerning these sacred laws also conduces, in general, to this, that three-brained beings irrespective of the form of their exterior coating, by becoming capable in the presence of all cosmic factors not depending on them and arising round about them–both the personally favorable as well as the unfavorable–of pondering on the sense of existence, acquire data for the elucidation and reconciliation in themselves of that, what is called, ‘individual collision’ which often arises, in general, in three-brained beings from the contradiction between the concrete results flowing from the processes of all the cosmic laws and the results presupposed and even quite surely expected by their what is called ‘sane-logic’; and thus, correctly evaluating the essential significance of their own presence, they become capable of becoming aware of the genuine corresponding place for themselves in these common-cosmic actualizations.” 1

“You see, everything is relative,” remarked Hassein. “If you know the beginning, you know the ending…and all that comes between.”

The hours passed as he continued to define the various second grade and third grade common cosmic laws that came into being. It became evident to everyone present that underlying what appeared to be a chaotic creation, there was a remarkably simple structure; and that how, by knowing this structure, it was indeed possible to calculate an undetectable falling toward the solar system Ors.

As Hassein expounded on different facets of the structure, Looisos’ subordinates checked and rechecked Hassein’s calculations. One by one they each began to nod at the accuracy of his computations.

When Hassein had finally finished, Looisos commented in a voice that was mixed with gratitude and concern. “My dear Hassein,” he said, “based on what you have exposed here today, it is evident that we will have to rethink everything we always assumed we knew.” Looisos paused, and once again stared off into the distance. Everyone sensed that he was reflecting on some errant calculations from the past, then, with a sigh, he looked directly at Hassein and began to speak.

“If we would have previously deduced what you have so simply defined–that is, prior to the occurrence of that cosmic calamity which was responsible for the disastrous results to those three-brained-beings which arose on the planet Earth–and had taken into account the law-conformable simplicities that are inherently produced within the matrix of the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance, we would have been able to foresee the maleficent consequences of our actions and, thereby, could have averted what has now become an embarrassment for all of the Universe. So, now knowing, I must, with great haste, pass this information on to our Endlessness; for until today I was not able to perceive any means of ever undoing that which had been done, but now, for the first time, there is in my being a real genuine hope that that which had been put awry, might, possibly, be put aright!” With these words and a nod to Hassein of genuine being thankfulness, Archangel Looisos immediately departed.

During Looisos’ absence, preparations for the journey were conducted under the watchful eye of Arch-Engineer Algamatant. He checked and double-checked everything. The only interruption occurred when everyone attended the sacred ceremony conducted after a being had passed from the physical world into the Spiritual world. Thousands came, arriving from all over the Universe. It was a most unusual event, as everyone seemed to experience the simultaneous inner-being-state of genuine exultation-bereavement from the transcendence-loss of Beelzebub.

As the ceremony came to an end, Hassein was informed that Archangel Looisos accompanied by the Most Great Archangel Sakaki had returned in time to attend the ceremony, and were now on their way to the great hall where they wished to see Hassein on a matter of utmost importance.

After Hassein had arrived, the Most Great Sakaki was the first to speak. “Hassein,” he said, “I am here, imparted by the will of our Endlessness–who was, as I am also, extremely impressed with your extrapolations on the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance–to ask, if you, during your sojourn to fulfill your grandfather’s request, might also consent to fulfill a special request from our Endlessness.”

Hassein was stunned….The six flowings of associations that normally manifest continuously-always in all responsible three-brained-beings had ceased, and in the silence of this void there then arose, in the entirety of Hassein’s being, one permeating thought. “What special request from our Endlessness could I, even remotely, be qualified to fulfill?”

“Perhaps you would like the honor of answering Hassein’s question,” said Archangel Sakaki understandingly-compassionately to Archangel Looisos.

Hearing these words, Hassein quickly became unabsorbed by his thought for he suddenly remembered, “Archangels can know what you think”; and with that thought…came a slight feeling of embarrassment, and then there was the thought of them knowing of his embarrassment, followed by, of course, the thought of knowing that they knew that he knew, whereupon Hassein submitted, and with a gesture to Archangel Sakaki, which signified that he was returning to an all centers receptive state, he inwardly, silently, patiently awaited Archangel Looisos’ response.

“It is the special request of our Endlessness,” began Archangel Looisos, “that you, Hassein, should make sojourn to the third planet of the solar system Ors, and there, equipped with your knowledge of the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance, help the beings there to understand them; in hopes that, how did you say your grandfather put it, ah yes, in hopes that ‘they become capable of becoming aware of the genuine corresponding place for themselves in these common-cosmic actualizations.’”

Hassein took a deep breath before responding, “I am most honored to be considered worthy by our Endlessness, and I will certainly make great effort to fulfill His request; however, how is it that, I, a physical being of such limited knowledge, should even possibly be considered by our Endlessness over Angels or Archangels?”

“It is your comprehension of the laws,” remarked Archangel Sakaki; “and besides, it requires someone who can co-exist with the beings there. Therefore, even if we shared your understanding we could not make the sojourn.”

“My comprehension of the laws?” Hassein said inquisitively.

“Yes,” said Archangel Looisos. “You, Hassein, are the most qualified.”

“Me, most qualified,” queried Hassein, “all I did, was study the downward flow of the diatonic forces in order to ascertain a way to climb back up. In fact, what I did, anybody can do.”

“Precisely,” said Archangel Sakaki, “even, maybe, those three-brained-beings breeding on the planet Earth.”

“Yes, yes,” interrupted Archangel Looisos. “Even, maybe, those three-brained-beings,” he repeated. Archangel Sakaki smiled at Looisos’ enthusiasm, and then continued to speak.

“Our Endlessness gave it considerable thought, reminding us that the previous messengers, the messengers of Faith, Love, and Hope, had all been unsuccessful.” Archangel Sakaki bowed his head and became silent for a moment, then looking up at Hassein, he said with confidence, “our Endlessness has decided that instead of sending another messenger equipped with one of the sacred impulses, perhaps, this time, we should send a messenger equipped with nothing other than…a set of rules.”

“Yes, yes, a rule book,” asserted Archangel Looisos.

“And how shall I prepare for this task,” asked Hassein. “Have the beings on the third planet changed since the sojourns of my grandfather? If so, what are they like now?”

“We do not know any of these answers,” replied Archangel Sakaki. “When the beings on the third planet began sending out probes, the Martian colonies were forced to leave, that is, after they eliminated all traces of their existence. So, we have no recent reports of any of their goings-on.”

“Perhaps, you should, first, go to Saturn,” suggested Archangel Looisos, “I understand that the Governor there has developed a very sensitive listening device. Maybe he can help.”

“Possibly,” said Hassein, as he continued to verbalize his thoughts. “I had already considered making Saturn my first stop…but even if I am successful at attaining some useful information, there is still the problem of making an undetectable sojourn to the third planet.”

“Archangel Looisos has conceived a solution for making your approach undetectable,” declared Archangel Sakaki, “but your departure is still in doubt. As for your approach…I shall let Archangel Looisos explain.”

“Yes, yes, your approach,” responded Archangel Looisos. “I have given it much thought, and believe the answer is ‘meteors.’”

“Meteors?” Hassein, questioningly, thought to himself.

“Yes, meteors,” said Looisos confidently, as Hassein, who was again caught off guard, looked up at him in surprise. “They will never suspect that,” Looisos added. Then noticing the look of bewilderment that was etched upon Hassein’s face, the venerable Archangel compassionately proceeded to explain to Hassein that during his consultation with our Endlessness, this question–of how to make an undetectable sojourn to the planet Earth–had been thoroughly discussed; and how our Endlessness, Himself, had suggested the possibility of modifying one of Archangel Hariton’s newly designed escape pods that were currently being manufactured for use in all interplanetary ships.

“When our Endlessness informed us,” continued Archangel Looisos, “about the significance of this most recent discovery of Archangel Hariton–that is, that these newly designed escape pods, which are similar to the present day escape pods, were now being constructed with an additional outer layer of Impartialom (a very rare residue matrix given off during the-fusing-of-all-of-the-previously-gathered-materials which customarily surround every First-order Concentration as these materials pass beyond its event horizon and enter, forever, into it) and how the coating of an escape pod with an outer layer of Impartialom would insure that, no matter how great the impact from the outside…nothing would ever get jostled on the inside–it was there and then that I first thought of meteors,” remarked Looisos. “I immediately informed our Endlessness how we could put a single-being escape pod inside a small meteor and send it off, along with other small meteors, on a collision course with the planet Earth. It will be of little consequence if the meteors are detected by the beings there,” I told Him; “that is, since the beings there should perceive no real threat from these small incoming fragments…especially, if we calculate their line of falling to make impact in some desolate or isolated area. Needless to say, our Endlessness was very pleased indeed, and thereby, has already authorized the construction of a special single-being escape pod meteor. The only difficulty that still remains, which was of great concern to Him, is discovering a way to get you home.”

Before Looisos could say more, Hassein blurted out, “get me home? And what happens if you cannot discover a way to get me home?”

“Then…you are home…until we find a way,” responded Looisos, as he addressed Hassein with a look of both apprehension and reassurement. Hassein gazed at Archangel Looisos, then at Archangel Sakaki, finally he turned toward the Holy Sun Absolute and, after taking a deep breath, nodded his head to signify that he understood the personal risks involved.

Hassein had many questions for Archangel Looisos, and while the two of them discussed the various details, Archangel Sakaki set course for the Holy Sun Absolute to inform our Endlessness of Hassein’s consent.

For the next several dianosks Hassein and Archangel Looisos became totally immersed in their discussions. They checked the calculations for making the adjustments in the proposed line of falling, and went over every other possible contingency which Hassein might encounter.

“That should do it,” said Looisos. “Your ship is now ready; and it is time for you to be on your way. My ship, carrying the meteors, will depart as soon as the construction of the special single-being escape pod meteor is finished. Hopefully, by then, your business on the planet Saturn will also be completed. After which, you must leave the solar system in the same undetectable manner in which you entered. Once you are well beyond the third planet’s range of detection, use your directional antennas to signal your position. We will adjust the course of our line of falling and rendezvous with you. Good luck, Hassein, and Endlessness speed.”

Finally, the moment had come when there was only one thing left to say, and the captain of Hassein’s ship said it….“Engage.”

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