Podcast Series 3, Episode 2: Beelzebub’s Last Wish – Part 2

Beelzebub's Last Wish - Part 1

Beelzebub’s Last Wish – Part 2

In this new third series, we give you the final part of a two part story based upon Gurdjieff’s masterpiece, All and Everything, a book also know as Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. In this episode, we tell a story about what happens to Hassein after the ending of Gurdjieff’s book All and Everything, and how he could make his return to the planet Earth after his grandfather’s death. This podcast and transcript, and all other supporting materials for these tachings, can be found on our website at thedogteachings.com

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Welcome to a series of talks about objective consciousness, an objective universe, and an objective way to awaken.

It is primarily based on the works of George I. Gurdjieff and Russell A. Smith, and aims to simplify and explain what Gurdjieff actually meant within the various subject areas of the Fourth Way. All material discussed is drawn from Russell Smith’s book, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide.

Previously, we shared Part 1 of Beelzebub’s Last Wish.

Today we will do part 2.

We hope you enjoy it.

Keeping the Higher Between You and the Lower

As Hassein’s ship began its pre-planned course of falling toward the solar system Ors, Hassein found himself immersed in reflective memories of the once told tales of his grandfather. The onslaught of remembrance was so powerful that it was very difficult for him to hold back his tears. “I shall miss you,” Hassein whispered as he stood and stared into the specially designed chamber that housed the remains of his grandfather. “There is so much I do not know, and I am unsure of how to reconcile the course of events that have begun to unfold before me. Oh dear grandfather, how I wish you were still here to guide me.” Hassein became momentarily silent, then uttered with a slight laugh to himself as he shook his head from side to side, “huh, you started over…and now, I start alone.”

Hassein’s foreboding was interrupted by a inner-ship communication which indicated that the ship was stopping to take on passengers. Whereupon, after making one final gesture toward his grandfather’s remains, Hassein hurriedly made his way to the docking bay, for as far as he knew, they had not been scheduled to take on any passengers. “Who could it be?” Hassein thought to himself.

As Hassein approached the docking bay door he could hear the captain speaking to someone. “Welcome aboard. We were not informed that you wished to accompany us, but I am sure that Hassein will be very pleased that you have chosen to join us.”

“I almost did not make it,” came a voice through the door. A voice which Hassein immediately recognized. “Tell me captain,” the voice queried, “does young Hassein know of my arrival?”

“He does now,” said Hassein as he pushed open the door; “and is he glad to see you, old Ahoon.”

“I see that you are still a growing egoist,” stated Ahoon.

“And you, I suppose, are still angry with me,” recanted Hassein. Both of them smiled and then rushed to embrace each other; neither wanted to let go.

Recognizing the specialness of the moment the captain excused himself and left them to their reunion.

Hassein and Ahoon laughed together. They cried together. They embraced again and again. “Look at you,” said Ahoon. “You don’t look a day older.”

“Nor, you, a day younger,” parried Hassein.

The two old friends had quite a bit of catching up to do; and they talked for hours. Finally, after they had made their way to Hassein’s quarters, Hassein asked Ahoon if he had any questions about the journey that lay ahead.

“I have already heard a few bits and pieces about your sojourn,” confirmed Ahoon, “but I am still unclear as to the reason for this unusual line of falling.”

“It is all on these charts,” remarked Hassein, as he unrolled and pointed to the navigational charts. “We have to keep the higher between us and the lower,” he added. “You see…the beings on the third planet cannot detect us if they cannot see us, so we must always keep their sun between us and them.”

“Ah, yes…I think I understand,” said Ahoon. “It is kind of like keeping the magnetic center between one’s essence and one’s false personality, so that the false personality will not interfere with the growth of one’s essence; or for that fact, like keeping the deputy steward between personality and chief feature; or steward between higher emotional center and negative emotions; or master between…”

“I think you have the idea,” interrupted Hassein as he nodded and smiled at his old friend.

The two were inseparable, and spent the next several dianosks recounting wonderful memories of the common journey they once shared. At one point during this reflection, Ahoon became silent; and, after dropping his shoulders and lowering his head, he uttered in a tone of remorse, “I tried to get back in time for your grandfather’s ceremony. I personally wanted to be there; but I could not. I was, of all places, on the other side of the universe, helping my sister’s son move.”

“Do not allow yourself to become so melancholy,” said young Hassein compassionately to his old friend. “I have learned that the greatest joys in life come from helping others; and I know, beyond any doubt that if you could have made it…you would have been there! Besides, if grandfather were here, he would probably say something like, ‘only a fool lets the outside…get on the inside.’”

Ahoon regained his posture. Then, looking up at Hassein, he confidently uttered with an air of pride. “No….It appears that you are not the growing egoist that I once accused you of being; but instead it seems, you have matured…not only in stature, but even in the sense that some of your grandfather’s wisdom may have actually rubbed off.”

“I am humbled by your very kind remarks,” said Hassein; “but enough about us and about our reminiscence of the past. We must turn our attention to the here and now, and the task at hand. I am sure the captain could use our help, for there is still much to do.” Ahoon agreed; and the two men set about busying themselves with various shipboard duties.

The initial part of their journey was both successful and spectacular. The “first seven course corrections” came off without a hitch, and they even got to witness three galaxies being born, which was not very many considering that a Super Nova occurs every second in the Universe; but they were, nonetheless, spectacular.

One of Hassein’s duties was calibrating the ship’s chronometer to earth time, which was very important, since their course correction was dependent upon its orbital revolutions. Hassein knew that the slightest error could have disastrous results, so he was extremely meticulous in monitoring the earth’s exact position.

When their course of falling had brought them to within seventy-some light years of the solar system Ors, their monitoring device began picking up distortions in the electromagnetic spectrum. Isolating these distortions and focusing in on them proved to be a surprise and a pleasure for all on board. “Primitive radiogram signals,” exclaimed Hassein, “from seventy years ago!”

Hassein was ecstatic because he realized that as they approached the solar system Ors, he would be able to listen in on the many of the goings-on. Goings-on which had occurred since the departure of his grandfather. Little did he know that twenty-some light years down the road, these radiogram signals would also have pictures, and that he would actually be able to watch the madness.

Of course, old Ahoon would call them, “electromagnetic pollution”, but not Hassein. Hassein saw it as a way to learn ever more and more about the three-brained-beings there. Knowledge, which might greatly aid him in his quest.

From that day forward Hassein was destined to spend countless hours, in front of the monitoring device, taking in all that he could.

A Subjective Terror

It was a quiet evening on the transpaceship Occurrence. The night shift had already secured control of the helm and most of the other crew members, as well as the passengers, were engaged in the first quarter cycle of their minor oscillations.

Suddenly from out of the darkness came a piercing sound. EEEE-O-WAH . . . EEEE-O-WAH.

“What the…?” was as far as Ahoon was able to voice as he abruptly awoke from the confinement of his dreams. However, before he could finish his startled verbalization, everything in him–including his thoughts–suddenly froze as it took but a split second for him to recognize the taste of the vibrations resonating in him. “No! No! Not again,” he shouted, as he began to tremble involuntarily; for Ahoon knew, due to his many years of interstellar travel, that an alarm of such frequency could only signify one thing…their ship and everyone on board was in danger.

Ahoon prepared himself as quickly as possible then left his quarters en route to the designated briefing area. “What is going on?” he would ask as he encountered scurrying crewmembers who were also reacting with great haste to the alarm which had sounded, but no one was able to give him an answer. Even Hassein, who he met as he approached the briefing area, had no clue as to the cause of everyone’s concern. As Ahoon and Hassein entered, they could hear the captain frantically issuing orders to various crewmembers, and although they could not hear all of what the captain was saying, they were able to ascertain that it had something to do with an object that was apparently moving parallel with the trajectory of their ship.

After the last crewmember had scurried off to carry out the captain’s orders, Ahoon, stumbling over his words, was the first to speak, “What, what has happened?” he said as he walked toward the large observation porthole.

“We have encountered a comet”, replied the captain.

“A what?” said Ahoon in a tone of confused surprise as he turned and looked at the captain. “All this fuss over a comet”?

“It is a Kondoor class comet”, said captain Yu. “But I do not have time to explain. Our ship and everything in this sector of the Universe is threatened. I must go, for this situation requires my full attention”. As captain Yu departed he added, “When the crisis is over, I shall answer all your questions…that is…if we are still alive”.

Ahoon watched the captain depart and then, as if speaking to himself, he mumbled, “What does he mean? ‘If we are still alive’”.

“I think I can answer that”, said Hassein in a restrained voice. “During the preparations for this journey, Archangel Algamatant told me of a new and very disturbing discovery. I shall try to explain”.

“As you know, after the disaster which occurred to the solar system Ors, the one you, yourself, witnessed when the comet Kondoor collided with the planet Earth, the officially accepted cause has always been constated as ‘a result of the erroneous calculations of a certain Sacred Individual concerned with the matters of World-creation and World-maintenance’; now however, there is real concern that the so called, ‘erroneous calculations’ were not the cause at all, but that it was something much worse.”

“According to Archangel Algamatant, ‘All comets, as well as all third-order suns, attain their arising from an objective source…usually from a first or second-order concentration; but unlike the third-order suns which have a sense of stability and balance and who by means of nearly circular orbits always remain in close proximity to the objective cause of their arising, comets lack stability and vary very much in their orbital trajectories. Some comets have vast orbits, but all, law-conformably, sooner or later, return to the source of the cause of their arising, and thereby, have the ability to maintain the sense of their objectivity. This fortunately, by necessity, is built into the structure of the Universe.’”

“This objective law-conformability which has been woven into the fabric of the Universe has made it possible to predict every line of falling of every falling body. However, Archangel Algamatant did inform me that Arch Cherub Helkgematios had once postulated the possibility of how certain Kondoor class comets might become what he called Subjective-Rogue comets–comets that could deviate from their original line of falling, and who, by not returning to the source of their arising, might lose all sense of their objectivity. Arch Cherub Helkgematios concluded that if such a Subjective-Rogue comet came into existence, it could pose a serious threat to the common-cosmic, harmonic, stability of the Universe.”

“Apparently, after the disaster that occurred in the solar system Ors, the nephew–of the Sacred Individual who was being blamed for the ‘erroneous calculations’–had also heard of Arch Cherub Helkgematios’ postulation and had subsequently devoted the entirety of his own existence towards verifying if the calamity which occurred in the solar system Ors might have been caused by just such a comet. If he could prove Arch Cherub Helkgematios’ postulation, he would fulfill his aim of being able to restore the good name of his uncle. And according to Archangel Algamatant, the nephew…just recently attained his aim.”

“The nephew showed how a comet that consists mostly of ice, which attained just the right size might generate just enough internal friction to liquefy its own inner core and yet not be able to generate enough internal friction to maintain it. This would ultimately cause the core of the comet to flip-flop back and forth from liquid to solid, which of course would result in a loss of stability in the same way as it is virtually impossible to stabilize the spinning of a raw egg.”

“This flip-flopping in its core would make it very unpredictable indeed. It would lose all sense of its true objective arising, and it would begin acting as if it possessed its own sense of objectivity. It would, therefore, be capable of changing directions by its own whim, at any moment, without any rhyme or reason, and in so doing, it could not only cause disasters like the one which befell the solar system Ors, but it would also have the tendency to rip away other cosmic arisings from their own objective lines of falling and drag them around the Universe like the proverbial Mary and her little lambs, which of course, always leads to the slaughter house.”

“So the nephew of this Sacred Individual not only undeniably proved that Subjective-Rogue comets do exist but he furthermore provided evidence which showed that the comet Kondoor was the very first Subjective Rogue comet to be discovered, and this discovery restored the good name of his uncle.”

“Unfortunately since that day, all Kondoor class comets have been suspect, but fortunately, only a handful of Subjective-Rogue comets have been detected. Appropriately, they have been given their own designation, and are now called: Kondoor, Subjective-Rogue comets or KSR’s.”

“That is why, my dear Ahoon, the captain has shown concern for our safety. The Kondoor class comet we have encountered may be a KSR and if it is, it would be capable of altering its line of falling at any time without any warning. It could destroy our ship…and perhaps us, and it could do it before we would even be able to react. In addition, thousands of worlds in this sector would be in real jeopardy and they must be warned!”

“Is there nothing that can be done to rectify this invidious situation?” asked Ahoon. “Are KSR’s destined to create havoc everywhere they go until they finally destroy themselves as well as all the cosmic arisings that have become attracted by their magnitude? Can not the abnormalities of a KSR be remedied?”

“Perhaps they can”, said Hassein, “According to the venerable Archangel Algamatant, ‘If a KSR comet can somehow find its way back to that cosmic concentration from which it attained its objective arising, and either absorb more from this concentration in order to exceed the threshold of its instability, or give up some of itself and thus fall below that threshold, it just may be possible for the KSR to re-establish in itself an original sense of its objectivity.’”

“Although this is possible”, added Hassein. “It is not very likely, for with each successive subjective deviation, the possibilities of a KSR regaining its objectivity become less and less, and that is why it should always be feared and must be avoided, for it alone has the dubious distinction of being for the Universe and for everything in it, an ideally unique subjective terror.”

La Fin’

Thank you for listening

Unfortunately, due to some very thirsty students, the first three chapters were all that Mr. Smith had time to write. It all began in 1997, just after he had finished writing Chapter 3 when the second All and Everything Conference was held in Bognor Regis, England, which, of course, he attended, as the All and Everything conferences that began the previous year, were originally organized to discuss Mr. Smith’s seminal book, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets. It seems that, at the second conference, Mr. Smith, unfortunately, told the assembled audience that there was an objective way to awaken their Higher Emotional Centers, and then informed them, then and there, that it required “ten days” – two days travel – and eight days one-on-one studying Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets with him.

He told them he would show everyone, who found their way to Texas, how to awaken. Further saying that he would pick them up at the airport, house them, feed them, and show them how to unify their lower centers, open their eyes, and awakeN; and, that he charged no fee. That is, if they found their way to Texas, he would awaken them for free… saying, “I will not put a price tag on consciousness.”

Thus, immediately after the second conference, people from all over the world began booking a ten-day journey to Texas.

He did not anticipate that over the next 20 years there would be a constant influx of visitors. And, as such, he was forced to abandon Beelzebub’s Last Wish, for he deemed that waking people up was much more important than finishing the book.

Then, in 2016, after waking up hundreds and hundreds of folks, He found out he had a brain tumor; and, after surviving a 14 hour operation, and a year’s recovery, he decided that it was time for him to stop personally taking students through Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets.

But, fortunately, many of the one-on-one sessions, of him personally guiding someone on the eight day inner journey, were recorded. Later on, they were transcribed. And, finally, as of last fall, they were organized into his latest book, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide. A book that makes it possible for everyone who wants to take the journey to make the journey… without having to go to Texas.

He, of course, remains available to answer questions about his first book, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets, which can be purchased at Amazon; and, his current book, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets – The Teaching Guide, which contains the Great Secret and the Great Truth and The Objective Exercise, is available for PDF download on his website thedogteachings.com.

If you would like to purchase that book, so that you can be personally guided on the journey to awakening by Mr Smith; or, if you are simply interested in learning more about the subjects and exercises we have been exploring, go to thedogteachings.com.

That’s T H E D O G teachings DOT COM.

There, you will be able to obtain Mr. Smith’s diagrams, listen to other talks, as well as learn all the mathematics that supports them, and much much more.

But, most importantly, you will have full access to objective materials designed and intended to help you to awaken to your real self.

That’s thedogteachings.com

Goodbye until next time.

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