The Objective Exercise to Awaken Higher Centers (Guided Audio)


The online audio version of The Objective Exercise, comprising five lessons, with full guided audio, preparatory exercise, transcripts and diagrams.
Do not attempt this unless you have studied and understood the foundational material, or undertaken the 8-Day Inner Journey.

The Objective Exercise is included in written form within the downloadable PDF The Blueprint of Consciousness, but is presented here as an online course, in full audio, allowing you to simply listen to it and be guided through every stage of The Objective Exercise. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete, and can be undertaken in the future as well.

The audio recording of The Objective Exercise (lesson five) includes background music and descriptive guidance on how to unify your three lower centers, bringing you to a harmonized state … ready and receptive for the Higher Emotional Center to activate within you, and for you to awaken Steward.

The course comprises the following lessons:

  1. Basic Preparation/The Threefold Attention Exercise – a ten-minute method to activate your mind, emotions, and body, priming you for The Objective Exercise.
  2. The Preliminary Explanation – the background and overview of the exercise.
  3. The Premise – where the crux of the exercise is explained.
  4. The Secret and the Great Truth – gives you clear insight and knowledge of how this is infallible, so that you are able to perform The Objective Exercise with great force.
  5. The Objective Exercise – the objective exercise to awaken the Higher Emotional Center (Gurdjieff’s “Steward” or Conscience), which allows you to awaken and see reality as it actually is, perhaps for the first time, consciously and intentionally.
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