S4/E22: Stepping into the Light

Published November 25th, 2021

Into the light

Stepping into the Light

In this podcast I will narrate Mr. Smith’s presentation to the attendees at the first All and Everything conference held in Bognor Regis, England on February 22, 1996. A conference that was organized to introduce Mr. Smith’s first book, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets, to the world. 


1a. Creation Diagram - Part 1


1b. Creation Diagram - Part 2

Creation Part 2

2. Wholeness Between The Notes and Wholeness Of The Octave

Wholeness Between the Notes

3. Affirming Octave, the Reconciling Octave, and the Denying Octave

Affirming Octave, the Reconciling Octave, and the Denying Octave

4. The 2nd Shock Octave, The 1st Shock Octave, and The Affirming Octave

The 2nd Shock Octave, The 1st Shock Octave, and The Affirming Octave

5. The Universal Cosmic Weave

The Universal Cosmic-Weave

6. Pascal’s Triangle Octaves’ Structure

Pascal’s Triangle Octaves’ Structure

7. Atom’s Orbitals diagram

8. Pascal’s Triangle

Pascal’s Triangle

9. Fibonacci Series

Fibonacci Series

10. Totality of 24

Totality of 24

Welcome to a series of talks about objective consciousness, an objective Universe, and an objective way to awaken, expanding upon the works of George I. Gurdjieff and Russell A. Smith.

In this podcast, I will narrate Mr. Smith’s presentation to the attendees at the first All and Everything conference held in Bognor Regis, England on February 22, 1996. A conference that was organized to introduce Mr. Smith’s first book, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets, to the world. 

Let’s begin.

Lecture Host:  It is my pleasure to introduce Russell Smith, who will be speaking on the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.

Attendees:  [Applaud] 

Russell:  Thank you.  

Let me begin with a quote:

“It is necessary to notice that in the Great Universe all phenomena in general without exception wherever they arise and manifest, are simply successively law-conformable ‘Fractions’ of some whole phenomenon which has its prime arising on the ‘Most Holy Sun Absolute.’

         “And in consequence, all cosmic phenomena, wherever they proceed, have a sense of ‘objectivity.’

         “And these successively law-conformable ‘Fractions’ are actualized in every respect, and even in the sense of their involution and evolution, owing to the chief cosmic law, the sacred ‘Heptaparaparshinokh.’”

When I began this work in the late 1970’s, I was very fortunate to run across P. D. Ouspensky’s book, The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution.  

From the first moment I read that book, my inner world changed. And as a result, I went out and bought every book written by Ouspensky, which led me to Gurdjieff, after which, I bought every book written by him. I spent the next three years reading every day, until their ‘Work’ became mine.  

Cautioned by Gurdjieff to not believe anything unless I could verify it for myself, I immersed myself in their Work, and tried to do just that; to verify everything. 

Then, after something was verified, I diligently applied it to myself; in hopes that someday, it would cause me to awaken. 

Fortunately, it did. 

That is, something appeared in me which gave me an impartial observer to the world. Whereafter, my investigations intensified.

During those investigations, I put my mind on the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance, and as such, I discovered that there was a common structure behind all things. 

However, up to that point, the only structure I had been shown in various books and writings, was a symbolic one: there were 3 forces, shock octaves, symbolic Enneagrams, and four fundamental points, etc. 

But there had to be more. There had to be some mathematics behind it all. 

So I searched within the clues I had been given, trying to discover those mathematics. 

Gurdjieff’s quote about everything being simply successively law-conformable ‘Fractions’ of some whole phenomenon which had its prime arising on the ‘Most Holy Sun Absolute,’ gave me a place to start. So I scoured everything I found, looking for those fractions. Because, if they existed, I wanted to find them.

Then, in one of my many readings of In Search of the Miraculous, I finally saw something I had overlooked. Ouspensky had, nonchalantly, mentioned the diatonic ratios, that is, the mathematics of the octave. However, that mathematics was not in his other charts and diagrams; instead, they were symbolic - just charts and diagrams with no mathematics supporting them. 

However, when I snapped to the mathematics of the octave, and realized that if I was able to apply that mathematics to Ouspensky’s charts and diagrams, as well as to everything else, I might be able to see something more than just a symbolic representation of the world. 

So, I began to calculate octaves of every imaginable size, in order to see what I could find.  

Then, one day, while I was browsing through the dictionary, I stumbled upon the Geologic Time Scale. It went from 600 million years ago, to today. It had all kinds of eras and periods, each with its own proposed time of existence. Examining the structure, I began to see the proportionality of octaves within those eras. So, I began to calculate octaves based on their proposed lengths. 

To my surprise, the periods within those eras almost perfectly matched my calculations. It was incredible. 

The Geologic Time Scale revealed oscillating octaves which descended and ascended according to the diatonic ratios. 

However, that discovery ended up in what is called, “The Box.” 

Back on the property, we have a storage shed; and in it, are many boxes. Each one is filled with charts and diagrams, which have not been mathematically verified as being true. Until they are, they will remain in the box. 

Only truth, which has been verified, can show us how to step out of the darkness, and into the light. 

Not surprisingly, that truth can be found in the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance, giving us a common vein of objectivity which applies to us all. 

We are all different. We had different childhoods. We went to different schools. We acquired different beliefs, and as such, the content of our inner world is different. 

But amongst that diversity, there has been one common thread; we are all made from the Law of Seven and the Law of Three. 

That being said, it occurred to me, if I could objectively define the Law of Seven and the Law of Three, that knowledge would not only enhance my work, but the work of others as well.  

So, after finding the diatonic ratios in In Search of the Miraculous, I began to calculate octaves of every size, in order to discover that objectivity. 

As a result, I found many things. Yet, I was hesitant. Something in me said, “You could be speculating. You could have made those things come out, in the way you wanted them to come out, that is, manipulated them in your favor.” 

But fortunately, in one of my many readings of Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson, particularly in the chapter The Holy Planet Purgatory, I realized that Gurdjieff had given us a dissertation concerning the creation of the Universe. A creation which came about because our Endlessness was forced to change the Law of Three and the Law of Seven. After which, I began reading The Holy Planet Purgatory chapter again and again; in hopes of discovering how those laws were changed. 

I must say that that endeavor proved to be of some concern. Why? Well, when the students who lived with me came home from work, they found me just as they had found me the day before - sitting in my chair, with papers scattered all across the floor, on which were scribbled various calculations, charts, and diagrams. 

For three days, I hadn't moved, eaten, or slept.

Then on the fourth day, they let out a big sigh of relief, because I had eaten, showered, and had a poster sized diagram hanging on the wall, which allowed them to stretch the fabric of the Universe and create the diatonic world in which we now live.  

I must say, if you, yourself, have not created the diatonic Universe, it is a fun thing to do.  

After that, the process is quite simple, because once you create the diatonic Universe, the rest unfolds all by itself. 

It begins with understanding the changing of the Law of Seven. 

In front of you are ten diagrams. Diagrams that allow you to visualize what I am now going to share. Note to all who are listening: those ten diagrams can be found at thedogteachings.com, in the description of this podcast. 

Let’s begin. 

When I began my studies into the mathematics of the octave, I saw that it doubled. 

It went from 1 to 2, and had notes at the ratios of 1, 9/8, 5/4, 4/3, 3/2, 5/3, 15/8, and of course, 2.  

I looked at the mathematics of the notes and compared them to the mathematics of the forces. When I did, I saw that the three forces had the same mathematics as three of the notes. 

And after reading again and again Mr. Gurdjieff’s dissertation, as to how a greater change had to be made in the Law of Seven, it became obvious to me that at some point, the notes, and the forces, did not have a common mathematics.  

In order to reveal that unknown mathematics, I tried to undo what had been done. Previously, I had been told that one stopinder was lengthened, one was shortened, and a third was disharmonized. So, I tried to un-lengthen, un-shorten, and un-disharmonize them. 

That is, if I could discover the mathematics of the structure before the laws were changed, and then do what our Endlessness had to do in order to bring the Law of Three and the Law of Seven into common alignment, I would not only have my finger on the pulse of creation, but I would have absolute confidence in all that followed.

Something so concrete, that my understanding would no longer be built on speculation, conjecture, and guess, but rather, on real mathematical truth.  

Then the question became: What was the mathematics of the structure before it was changed?  

To figure that out, I had to go back to before Creation. I did so by examining the symbol of the Enneagram. When I did, I quickly realized that the Enneagram had two mathematics: its oneness was divided by three, and its oneness was divided by seven.

Dividing its oneness by three, gave me a pure recurring decimal, .333, which represented one force. When I added a second force to it, I got .666. And when a third force was added, I got .999. 

Then, I noticed, after placing those decimals on the Enneagram, that the triangle symbol connected the .333, to the .666, to the .999, at the points 3, 6, and 9.  

But the oneness of the Enneagram was also divided into 7. That math produced the pure recurring decimal .142857, which could be seen in the Line of Supervision, that goes from 1, to 4, to 2, to 8, to 5, to 7, and then back to 1. 

When I realized that both mathematics were on the Enneagram, I said, “Wow; the Three Forces reveal the mathematics of the thirds, and the movement of the Line of Supervision reveals the mathematics of the sevenths.” But that posed a problem. The notes in an octave were not at sevenths, only the Line of Supervision was. Instead, the notes were diatonic, at ⅛, ¼, ⅓, ½, ⅔, and ⅞. 

Then why is the math of even sevenths on the Enneagram? That is, in the 1-4-2-8-5-7-1 movement of the Line of Supervision?

I postulated that Gurdjieff was giving us a clue as to what the Law of Seven looked like before it was changed. 

To figure out if that was possible, I placed the forces at the thirds, and the notes at the sevenths. See the Creation diagram. 

When I compared the structure of the thirds to the structure of the sevenths, as shown in the top half of the diagram, I instantly saw the problem. The separation of the forces at even thirds, did not align with the structure of the notes at even sevenths. I saw that one force did align with the top DO, but the other two forces fell in between MI and FA, and SO and LA, respectively. 

After which, I realized that the three separated forces had to be at the thirds. That is, they had no other choice. We know from atomic theory that three electrons, which all have a negative charge, will orient themselves equidistant from each other, because ‘likes’ repel, and as such, they will form an equilateral triangle, just like the three forces in an Enneagram form an equilateral triangle as well, and thus, those forces will never align with a structure that is in even sevenths. 

With that knowledge, I understood why the Absolute had to make a greater change in the Law of Seven, because He could not alter the Law of Three. The forces had to be at thirds, whereas the notes in an octave did not have to be at sevenths. 

So, in order to achieve common alignment, I simply lengthened one interval. That is, I pushed the interval that was between the third and fourth deflection further away from the Absolute, thus “lengthening its law-conformable successiveness.” That interval is called the ‘mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In.’ 

After which, I shortened another. That is, I shortened the last interval by pulling the note TI closer to the Absolute, thus “facilitating the commencement of a new cycle of its completing process.” That interval is called the ‘intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In.’

This lengthening and shortening caused a third interval, the interval between SO and LA, to become disharmonized. That interval is called the ‘Harnel-Aoot.’  

Animations of this process taking place can be seen in the first two animations on our website at, http://thedogteachings.com/animations/

The FA, at 3/7, gets pushed into alignment with the Force at ⅓, and the LA, at 5/7, gets pulled into alignment with the Force at ⅔. 

As a result, the fabric of the Universe got stretched and rumpled, causing the notes in the even flowing Law of Seven to become the diatonic notes we have today. 

Later on, I discovered that the word ‘diatonic’ was Latin, and meant ‘to stretch,’ which was most appropriate. 

When the structure went from flowing by even sevenths, and became diatonic, a very interesting thing occurred. Which brings us to the second diagram. See the diagram labeled Wholeness Between The Notes, and Wholeness Of The Octave.

When the Universe was flowing by even sevenths, there was a wholeness between the notes. Why? Well, before the forces were separated, they were all at the same place, and as such, they all moved together through the same structure, the octave of even sevenths. 

It was only after the forces were separated and began flowing from different places, that the Law of Seven had to be changed.

After which, when the structure became diatonic, the wholeness went from being between the notes, to being in the octave. 

The diagram shows that when the notes were displaced, their movement into the interval of even sevenths precisely reflects where they ended up in the octave. It is as if, how much they moved, became what they are.

For example: in the Wholeness Between The Notes, the note SO was moved halfway into the SO and FA interval, and is now halfway in the Wholeness Of The Octave. 

Furthermore, if we compare the other notes, as to their movement into the interval, with their position in the octave, we will find that they are identical. Which, again, is quite remarkable.

And we’ve just begun.  

The question then becomes, if one force, the force at DO, is calculated as an octave, shouldn’t the other two forces, that is, the forces at LA and FA, also be calculated as octaves? Indeed they should. So, I calculated them as octaves as well. See the diagram with the labels the Affirming Octave, the Reconciling Octave, and the Denying Octave. 

I now had three diatonic octaves, whose interactions could easily be witnessed. 

Additionally, the occurrence of those three diatonic octaves in a structure that descends, is precisely where those three octaves must occur in a structure that wishes to ascend. Thus, shock octaves were born. See the diagram with the labels The 2nd Shock Octave, The 1st Shock Octave, and The Affirming Octave. 

Continuing further, Gurdjieff tells us in Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, that everything establishes for itself, its own Law of Seven and its own Law of Three, which means that the Universe did not stop at three octaves. Each new octave contained two additional forces, which were, themselves, octaves, and as such, those octaves each contained two additional forces. 

Whereby, a Universal Cosmic Weave of forces and their octaves was created. See The Universal Cosmic Weave diagram. 

Nineteen outer octaves are created by this process. Actually, 50 are created, but they only occupy 19 places, because some of them were created by two different octaves. That is, one octave’s LA (it’s 5/3) is another octave’s FA (it’s 4/3). That is why I call the structure The Universal Cosmic Weave.

As a result of its creation, another amazing structure is created, called Pascal’s Triangle, which is produced whenever two mathematical constants are applied to everything produced within that structure (such as our 5/3 and 4/3). See the diagram called Pascal’s Triangle Octaves’ Structure, or research Pascal's Triangle online, to see the structure which ensues. 

Then I noticed that some of those octaves were related. That is, they had one or more of the same vibrations as a progenitor octave; and as such, I color coded them and gave them common names. 

After which, I noticed that the order of their creation precisely matched the order of the filling of an atom's orbitals. See the Atom’s Orbitals diagram.

When I took Chemistry in High School, they told me that the orbitals of an atom did not get filled in order. They started to fill in order. That is, 1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, but then it stopped. The 3d orbital was not the next orbital filled. Instead, it jumped out and filled the 4f orbital, before filling the 3d. Why? Well, that is the order in which the 19 outer octaves are created, that’s why.

It is truly amazing that the order of creation of the 19 outer octaves precisely matches every jump, and as such, reveals the order in which the atoms’ orbitals get filled. 

Next, I placed those 19 outer octaves in a diagram that revealed their numerical name, their mathematical name, their family relationship, and the order of their creation which was in diagonal rows. See the diagram called Pascal’s Triangle. 

Those diagonal rows of creation produce something even more remarkable: the Fibonacci Series. The numerical series of 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55, etc., which underlies everything. See the diagram called the Fibonacci Series. We can actually watch the Fibonacci Series emerge, by adding up the numbers in Pascal’s Triangle that are in the diagonal rows. 

I must say, the more I studied the laws of World-Creation and World Maintenance, the more I found in perfect accordance with them; and as such, my discoveries did not end. 

Marching onward, the mathematics of octaves produced more than just an outer structure. 

A certain unfolding also took place within the octave as well, which I called inner octaves.  

For example: Gurdjieff indicated that in the Ray of Creation there were four fundamental points: the Absolute, the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon. And between those four fundamental points there were three octaves of radiations. See the diagram labeled the Totality of 24. 

At first, I was skeptical, and I said, “Okay, Mr. Gurdjieff, you told me to not believe anything, so why should I believe you?” Then I realized that his four fundamental points occurred at a mathematical halving within the octave itself, at 24, 12, 6, and 3, or at 1, ½, ¼, and ⅛. And, since octaves have a propensity to double or half, those halvings would indeed become octaves, and as such, they would create three octaves of radiations, just like he said.

Then I thought, having verified that the whole, the half, the quarter, and the eighth, produced three inner octaves, I should be able to calculate them, as well as the nine inner octaves which occur within those. And, when finished, I would have more than just a symbolic representation of the Universe, but a mathematical one.

So I did.

Amazingly, after calculating just 2 scales of inner octaves, I already saw that the inner octaves revealed the quarks in an atom, the harmonic duality of existence, RNA, DNA, our four lower centers, their parts (and parts-of-parts), as well as our two higher centers; and, how they can be attained. 

Mr. Smith continued speaking for another thirty minutes or so, defining everything created by that structure. However, due to our time constraints, I will end this podcast after I share with you a few questions from the attendees, as well as their reactions. 

Here is how it ended:

Mr. Smith speaking:  … in conclusion, I have four wishes. 

The first two wishes are for you. 

Firstly, I wish for you, that you will immediately begin an objective study into the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance, in order to verify for yourself everything that I have shared with you today. 

And secondly, I wish for you, that you will continue to study all that Mr. Gurdjieff gave us. 

The next two wishes are for me.

Firstly, I wish that I will live a very long life. 

And secondly, I wish that I will be able to share these truths with others until my dying breath. 

That being said, thank you for being here. 

I am very fortunate to be in a Work that can change one’s being. 

Are there any questions?


Attendee:  I feel the need to congratulate you, and to state how much I admire what you have done. I say that because I have already read your book.

Russell:  Thank you sir.

Another Attendee:  I too appreciate what you have done. I haven’t read your book yet, but I have purchased it. And, I plan to read it as soon as I get home. From what I have seen so far, what you have discovered, greatly surpasses most of the rituals found in our work. 

Russell:  Thank you for recognizing that; and for buying my book. 

Another Attendee:  After hearing you speak with such eloquence, clarity, and authority, I am convinced that you must be from another planet. Because if you were from this planet, you would still be in the dark, like me. [audience laughs loudly].

Russell:  Thank you for letting me know, I will have my DNA checked. [audience laughs hysterically]. 

Truth be told, I was very lucky. Having an objective teacher would have been an advantage, but since I did not, I had to try to awaken on my own. 

Fortunately, after years of effort, something in me did, which allowed me to discover a simple mathematical structure behind everything in the Universe; a structure which when learned and understood, lets everyone walk out of the darkness and into the light. 

Besides, it is hard to argue against 2 + 2 being 4. 

Same Attendee:  Brilliant, Mr. Smith, just brilliant. Thank you.

Another Attendee:  What you have shown us here today is without a doubt not only the first, but most comprehensive representation of the Work I have seen to date. I am just flabbergasted.


Another Attendee:  Personally, I do not have this concern, but others may. As such, I would like to hear your response to the following: Mr. Gurdjieff intentionally buried these ideas, how dare you come along and dig them up. 

Russell:  I will say two things: if you think that way, please forget everything I told you. [audience laughs]. However, if you are seeking something objective, please remember it all. 

Another Attendee:  I noticed that you spoke for over an hour, with no notes. Given the depth and clarity of your presentation, doing so, without notes, is quite impressive.

Russell:  I have notes: DO-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-TI and DO. [audience with great laughter and applause].

Lecture Host:  That sounds like a great place to insert our break. Afterall, we are already applauding.

Thank you, Mr. Smith, we very much appreciate what you have presented. [audience continues applauding even louder].

That completes today’s podcast.


Thank you for listening.

If you have any questions that you would like answered, please send them to [email protected], and we will endeavor to answer them, and perhaps ... even include them in a future podcast.  

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Goodbye until next time.

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