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Podcast Series 2, Episode 20 “The Ray of Creation”

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This is a series of talks about objective consciousness, an objective universe, and an objective way to wake up.

It is primarily based on the works of George I. Gurdjieff and Russell A. Smith, and aims to cut through the swathes of subjectivity that cloud our evolution and journey through life. 

Each episode in this series focuses upon a particular element of their teachings and aims to bring simple understanding to what was frequently hidden in plain sight within the various subject areas of the Fourth Way.

In the last talk we discussed four common-sense ideas. 

In this discussion, Mr. Smith will talk about The Ray of Creation, and for this podcast, diagrams will be necessary. As such, you can find them on our website thedogteachings.com, by clicking on the link shown in the description of this podcast. So, pause, find the diagrams, print them off if you would like, and let’s begin.

DISCLAIMER: This won’t make you conscious

The first twenty+ years of waking people up has been great. They were focused on what people were, not on what they knew.

Man was asleep. He was a machine. He got identified. He internal-considered. He was made of centers – that when unified, had a new property, apart from the centers themselves.

But first, he needed to dispel his sacred cows and comprehend (be overwhelmed by) the basic structure, which gave him the necessary knowledge that allowed him to produce the necessary force to do the April Fools Exercise and caused him to awaken.

Then, I let a bit of extra, intellectual stuff creep in. And, for that, I apologize, because that won’t make you conscious.

That is, knowing how many atoms are in a mole won’t make you conscious. Knowing God’s age won’t make you conscious. Knowing the percentages of matter in the Universe won’t make you conscious.

So, forget my ramblings about the cosmological proportions. It may be fun to contemplate such foolery, and may provide a bit more glue… but that won’t make you conscious.

Dog Tale #75 – “The moment knowledge surpasses being… it is imagination.”

So, get back to doing the Dog Training Exercises, practicing the Master Exercises, and the Double or Nothing Exercises Parts I and II… because those will make you conscious – and beyond!

However, I have left the following Ray of Creation post in the archive for your future intellectual contemplations… even though it won’t make you conscious.

OK. Over the last several years I have answered many questions from students about the Matters of the Universe.

Here is a compilation of my writings:

I want to apologize for sending out the Ray of Creation diagram with the labels Mental, Astral, and Physical, instead of the ones that are on the Dog Diagram’s web page, which can be found at thedOgteachings.com.

My blunder has led some students down a confusing path.

Let me explain, when I made the Ray of Creation diagram, I wanted to amass the information that Gurdjieff and other 4th way authors had described… and place it all on one diagram. A diagram that I hoped would depict the story of creation, and how things became what they are.

Looking at the diagram, I noticed that there were three groups of three octaves… and then thinking at the time that nobody seemed to know much about the higher/finer matter that builds our souls, I tried to reconcile that. So, I labeled these three trinity’s, (1s-2s-3s) “Mental”, (3s-4s-5s) “Astral”, and (5s-6s-7s) “Physical,” and was amazed that the highest octave of the Physical was the lowest octave of the Astral. And that the highest octave of the Astral was the lowest octave of the Mental.

Wow, it seemed pretty cool… but, those labels did not make it on the diagram.

I then imagined how the Mental Matter (being the highest) spewed out from our Endlessness, as His prime representative, and, later, how a lesser amount of Astral Matter would form the second trinity, and, finally, how the Physical came into existence.

I realized that the higher matters required the Physical Matter to take the lead. It was a system that had to be constructed from the bottom up. That is, after everything had spewed out and cooled down, we ended up with a Universe filled with three matters, which then depended on the lesser matter, the Physical matter, to accidentally get the job done. And, how, after billions of years of making elements, molecules, and life, it finally worked its way up to man, who was apparently responsible for taking the other two higher matters into himself and, intentionally, organizing them into a fixed state… so that they could, independently, exist.

Wow, that seemed pretty cool too… but the labels did not qualify for the diagram.

Later on, scientists put forth their discovery of Dark Matter, something they knew was there but couldn’t see. I thought, “Wow the so-called ‘Dark Matter’ would make a very good candidate for what I had labeled ‘Astral Matter’ on my diagram.” 

Then, later, scientists discovered an even finer invisible matter called “Dark Energy.” I, again, said to myself, “Awesome, there is also room for that in my diagram, something even higher which I had labeled ‘Mental Matter.’” 

But wait… The Dark Energy was pushing away the Physical Matter of the Universe.  Hmm, well, lets see, Jesus rose… so, I imagined that when higher being-bodies were created, and then liberated from the physical body, that they would also rise and create a repelling force that was opposed to the Physical Universe.

Wow, that seemed pretty cool, too… but it still did not make it onto the diagram.

The scientists then discovered that only 5% of the observable Universe was made of Physical Matter, that is, of suns, planets, space dust, etc., and that 95% of the Universe was missing. 95 percent!

Later they added that 5% was physical matter, 25% was dark matter, and 70% was dark energy. 

I knew from my diagram that the Mental matter would dominate, the Astral matter would follow, and the Physical matter would be the least. So, I looked at the Ray of Creation and found many ways to depict those percentages.

Wow, that seemed pretty cool, as well… but, alas, the labels still did not make it onto the diagram.

Why? Well, Dark Energy and Dark Matter were still flies in the ointment, as I could not definitely expose them as being the two higher matters from which higher being-bodies were crystallized, nor explain the exact percentages of each.

After all, I was just trying to show that higher being-bodies were made from higher/finer stuff, of which the highest would dominate, the next highest would be less, and the lowest would be the least… and, how, they would organize from the bottom up. And, also, how a possible correlation might be drawn to these mysterious higher matters.

Well, at least you know why the labels did not make it onto the diagram… too much room for speculation, conjecture, and guess… I guess.


In the vast timeline of the Universe, it comes as no surprise that in the last 5 billion years or so, organized Dark Energy started causing the Universe to expand, afterall, it took a long time for three-brained-beings to come into existence… who were the only ones capable of organizing it.

Thus, the Ray of Creation is a journey through time. It did not just pop out and become, “Let there be life”.

Fortunately, after 13.7 billion years, I had the advantage of studying the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance, which explained the actions and interactions that preceded the Universe, and was able to describe the Universe’s present state.

I am sure that there will be many more volumes needed to describe its ultimate fate. And, someday, when all the stars have fled the scene, the diagram may look a lot different… but, I bet, it will still be able to explain why physical matter was only a fad that did not catch on.

According to the principle of the conservation of energy, which says, “The law of conservation of mass, or principle of mass conservation, states that for any system, closed to all transfers of matter and energy, the mass of the system must remain constant over time, as system mass cannot change quantity if it is not added or removed.”

Thus, the physical mass/energy of the Universe has remained constant.

There may have been some changing of energy into mass (Mass = Energy divided by C squared); or of mass changing into energy (Energy = Mass times C squared); or a change from potential energy into kinetic energy; or from kinetic energy into heat… but, the total amount of energy has remained constant.

If that is true for Physical Matter, it may also be true for Dark Matter and Dark Energy. 

The only difference would be that the higher matters do not go from potential to kinetic to heat, they go from unorganized to organized.  That is, from being unorganized higher matter to becoming organized higher being-bodies.


I would like to expand on the role that Higher Matters play in the Universe, and provide a more comprehensive description of my previous wiseacreings.

I might be crazy… and, this may never be proven. However, the more I study the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance the more I become convinced that something of those wiseacreings makes for good sense.

It is the story of the interaction of three unorganized matters and their desire to become organized. It began before the Big Bang – with something that we do not understand, that is, the existence of Dark Energy and the creation of Dark Matter.

After the Big Bang… Dark Energy and Dark Matter provided a medium in which Physical Matter found a way to become more and more organized: Subatomic particles; protons; electrons; Hydrogen; Suns; neutrons; elements; molecules; amino acids; viruses & bacteria; cells; tissues; organs; organisms; and man.

Here, it appears that the journey of Physical Matter had reached its end. Man would then take the process beyond the world of the Physical Matter,  and cause the Higher Matters to become organized, crystallized, and fixed.

Finally, after his death, the Higher Matters could go back into the Universe in their new organized, fixed state.

As shown in the Ray of Creation Diagram, Life is created in the area where the Spiritual coincides with the Physical. Soil is on the bottom boundary of life, between that which is only physical and that which is alive, whereas man is on the top boundary of life, between that which is alive and that which is only spiritual. Man is the essence class that can transcend physical existence and create things that are only spiritual.

Such an idea has become even more plausible over the last several decades as we understood more and more about the workings of the Universe and the role of the two Higher Matters. 

Dark Matter allowed Physical Matter to gather and was responsible for holding the Galaxies together. Then, Dark Energy started to accumulate in the nothingness-areas of space, that is, in the space between the webs of Galaxies that were created within the Dark Matter.  After which, the Dark Energy began pushing against the matter of the physical Universe, causing the physical Universe to move away from the concentrated Dark Energy.

It is almost as if the unorganized Higher Matters needed the Physical Matter to come into existence first… and, then, to evolve into Man, who would then be responsible to organize and crystallize them… and, once fixed, the Dark Matter and the Dark Energy would then repel the Physical Matter as they no longer needed it. In fact, Gurdjieff once said that Astral material always opposes physical material. Implying that this was the reason why Jesus rose and ascended into heaven. 

Now, according to the following law, “That for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” then… if Jesus went up, the Earth must have gone down. That is, as Gurdjieff said, ‘Astral material always opposes physical material’… and thus, the Physical Universe, by law, moves in the opposite direction of the ascending Higher Matter… and, as more and more of the Higher Matter accumulates, the faster the fleeing Universe accelerates.

Scientists have postulated that for the first 9 billion years, the expansion of the Universe was slowing down. Then, around 5 Billion years ago there was a “Cosmic Jerk” and the galaxies started moving away from each other… and, they are accelerating!

Could that be the moment, when enough Higher Being Bodies had accumulated in the nothingness areas of space, that they overcame the attractive force of gravity?

I can envision gravity (warped space time) as a depression in a trampoline caused by the presence of Dark Matter and Physical Matter. And how the concentration of Dark Energy becomes a bump, which then causes the Dark Matter and Physical Matter to start rolling away… instead of falling in.

It is often said that man is created in the image of God. However, is it possible that we got it backwards. That the aim of this Universe is for Man to organize and fix the Higher Matters into the image of himself?

I do not know what the end will bring. I do not know what will happen when the Universe finally runs away and, ultimately, leaves behind only our Higher images.

That is, in the vastness of eternity, will the nothingness, wherein we have gathered, diminish… or, if it does not, will we collectively decide, at some point, that there needs to be more of us and start the process of Physical Creation all over again?

I will let you know, if and when…


“Accurate numbers they are.” I said. “Less than 5% of the Universe is the Physical stuff we see.”

The last several decades have shocked the minds of those who thought they had the Universe all figured out.

First, Dark Matter stunned them, the outer stars of galaxies were moving way too fast and should fly off… what the heck?

Then, Dark Energy blew them away (as it, apparently, is doing to the Universe). Something is accumulating in the nothingness-areas of space, causing the galaxies to rush away from each other… and, they are Accelerating!

For me, the worlds of Astral and Mental matter just made sense. And, I am happy with the percentages, that Physical stuff is 4.9%, Astral stuff is 26.8%, and Mental stuff is 68.3%.

When the numbers first came out they were 5%, 25%, and 70%.

Until those percentages are finalized, which they may never be, we can use these simpler approximations of proportions: There is 3 times more Mental stuff than Astral stuff… and 5 times more Astral stuff than Physical stuff.

And, if we compute the percentage of the 5% Physical Matter, which forms objectively conscious men, you know, the guys responsible for crystallizing higher bodies, then, the Higher Matter has, indeed, placed its hopes and dreams on a very small percentage. Who would have thought that the 5% would be so important to the 95%. We are the saviors of the Universe.

I would like to mention that the Ray of Creation Diagram, which indicates the existence of these three matters, has a copyright of 1993. Dark Energy was not discovered until 1998.

Just saying.

It is neat when the structure reveals things before scientific investigation does… like the fact that there are 6 quarks, 6 leptons, and 6 force carriers, which the structure revealed three decades ago in the oscillations of inner octaves, and, then, when the FermiLab guy recently said, “We know there are 6 of these and 6 of those… but why 6?… we don’t know”… I could only smile.

OK. So, how does the Universal Cosmic Weave and the Ray of Creation reconcile the percentages?

Well, we can start by imagining that Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Physical Matter are contained within each other, like Russian nesting dolls. And, then, by using the “times” ratios of Physical Matter to Dark Matter to Dark Energy, it will be easy to comprehend: There is 5 times more Dark Matter than Physical Matter, and 3 times more Dark Energy than Dark Matter.

Now, look at the Universal Cosmic Weave diagram and the Ray of Creation diagram. The octaves of the Holy Sun Absolute and the Universe represent Dark Energy, the octave of the Universe represents Dark Matter, and the area near where the Planets were created represents Physical Matter. 

Let me explain. The octave of the Holy Sun Absolute is 648 (1296 to 648) and the octave of the Universe is 324 (648 to 324). Together they total 972. That’s your Dark Energy. And, like Russian nesting dolls, Dark Matter is created within the Dark Energy. And, if you recall, Dark Energy is 3 times more abundant than Dark Matter. Therefore, the Dark Matter is 324. Wow, the octave of the Universe is 324.

That means that Dark Energy flows out of the Absolute, permeating both the Holy Sun Absolute and the Universe. Whereas, Dark Matter begins at the boundary between the Holy Sun Absolute and the Universe and only permeates the Universe.

And, if you recall, Dark Matter is 5 times more abundant than Physical Matter, which means that Physical Matter is 64.8. And, if we add 64.8 to the bottom of the Universe (324), we will discover that Physical Matter exists between 324 and 388.8, beginning just a tad above the level of the planets, which started at 384. Double wow!

Thus, the Dark Energy spans both the Holy Sun and the Universe. The Dark Matter spans all of the Universe. And the Physical Matter spans only the bottom part of the Universe.

Well, that should do it… and it gives us a great approximation of the “times” ratios: Physical Matter times 5 equals Dark Matter; and Dark Matter times 3 equals Dark Energy.


I have not responded to your inquiry about the Russian nesting dolls because, in truth, I do not know the answer. I only know myself. However, I can contemplate the structure that created my existence.

I can imagine what came before the stuff that created me… and, based on that, I can imagine how I myself was created. I can envision that Mental stuff permeates the Holy Sun Absolute and the Universe (1296 to 324). Astral stuff permeates the Universe (648 to 324). And, what we call Physical stuff permeates just a little of the Universe (388.8 or 384 to 324).

And, postulating that the “similarities-to-the-already-arisen,” which is the Physical stuff, is like taking the Universal Cosmic Weave diagram, shrinking it down, and starting it at the DO of the 16th octave (384). So, the octave of its Holy Sun Absolute precisely fits within the DO-TI interval (384 to 360) of the 16th octave. See the Diagram that has the Universal Cosmic Weave shrunk down twice.

This octave (384-360) becomes a new 1s octave, similar to the original 1s octave (1296-648) only on a smaller scale, and creates a new structure called “similarities-to-the-already-arisen,” within that octave. Wherein life emerges: amino-acids, RNA, DNA, and all that follows. Note: In the structure of the Universe only nineteen octaves were created. However, in the structure of the “similarities-to-the-already-arisen,” octave creation is infinite because, if you keep halving that octave, you will never reach the bottom of the Universe.

So, there, we can start the Periodic Table of Elements, and imagine that everything that came before that was made of higher stuff.

Then, when the higher stuff reached the place where the 16th octave began, it had cooled down enough and became stable enough for the elements to form; or, for the “similarities-to-the-already-arisen” to arise. 

And, in turn, after its 7s octave, its 16th octave, was created, the matter of the Physical Universe had also cooled down enough for planets, earths, and life to start.

Ouch, so many scales.

In which one does the Ray of Creation diagram actually fit? 

Well, if it’s in one of the smaller DO-TI intervals, it would be too small to see… so, I blew it up to full scale, knowing that whatever terms applied to one scale, since each scale is similar to what has already arisen, also applied to all scales, and vice-versa. Thus, “As above so below”. 

And, as a result, we can now reference everything on one diagram.

So, to me, the math seemed to match up just dandy, as long as we remembered the principle of scale….

But, I could be wrong.

Perhaps, some guy named Bob just made it that way and we will never be able to figure out his motives or why he made it the way he did.

Or, maybe it was just an accident. Something spilled… and it just looks like there is a structure and a pattern behind it all. Leaving our inquisitive minds blindly searching for a purpose; and, some of us actually imagining that we found one.

All I really know is that if it is an imaginary structure, it has allowed me to experience what I call being awake and to develop what appears to be reason and impartiality. In addition, it has also fooled a lot of other people, making it possible for them to see what I see, and causing them to experience what I experience. That is, a sense of being awake and of obtaining reason and impartiality.

But, perhaps, we are all just dreaming.

If so, I still want the blue pill.


The Cosmic Soup:

Dark Energy spewed out… filling the Holy Sun Absolute (1296-648).

Dark Matter joined in, and there was a big bang… and, together, they both emanated into the Universe (648-324).

They flowed four-fifths of the way down the Universe… and just after that, when the tenth octave was created, the sixteenth octave overall, (which was two-thirds cubed of the original moment when the Dark Energy left our Endlessness and entered the Holy Sun Absolute), the conditions were just right for Physical Matter to come into existence.

Thus, starting at the DO of the sixteenth octave, a small-scale-inner-octave was formed between it’s DO-TI (which was one twenty-seventh the size of the first octave of Dark Energy). Therein, Suns were born… allowing the interval between DO and TI of that sixteenth octave to create the first twenty-six elements of Physical Matter… all the way up to Iron.

And, just like the original octave of Dark Energy went Big Bang as it passed the boundary of the first octave and began a second octave (the octave of the Universe), there was another big bang when the octave in the DO-TI interval of the 16th octave passed the boundary of its first octave and began a second octave, but this time your favorites would call that big bang a SuperNova. Thus, creating all the elements beyond Iron.

Then, in the DO-TI interval of the 16th octave of the 16th octave, that is, after the stable elements of the Periodic Table had finally been created… another, even smaller scale inner octave came into existence (which was one seven-hundred-twenty-ninth the size of that first octave of Dark Energy).

 And, in it, Organic Matter was born.

And, when this smaller-scale-inner-octave passed the boundary of its Holy Sun Absolute, there, again, was another big bang, but this time your favorites would call it the explosion of life.

Do I need to go further? 

Into the sixteenth octave of the sixteenth octave of the sixteenth octave… and find Man… or go further still… and find Conscious Man?

I think you get the idea.

In fact, a man of reason can now go beyond the proportions that, “Dark Energy is 3 times more abundant than Dark Matter, and Dark Matter is 5 times more abundant than Physical Matter”… and, be able to compute that Physical Matter is “X” times more abundant than Organic Matter, and that Organic Matter is “X” times more abundant than Life, and that Life is “X” times more abundant than Man, and that Man is “X” times more abundant than Conscious Man. ????

Pretty amazing stuff to contemplate.

OK. Why did Dark Energy spew out and create it all? … So, that it could become fixed by certain Three Brained Beings and gain immortality.

By knowing this, we can answer the following question, “Why does Dark Energy seem to be gaining strength… and, by so doing, is pushing against the Physical Matter of the Universe. Thus, causing it to accelerate, faster and faster, away from the nothingness of space?”

Well… as Conscious Men are developed (who possess the ability to crystallize and fix the unorganized Dark Energy into Higher Being Bodies), and by postulating that such Conscious Men do create Higher Being Bodies, which, in an organized form, opposes Physical Matter, then it should be easy for us to comprehend that as more and more of these Higher Being Bodies are created, and gather together in the nothingness places of space, that as the opposing force, created by this organized form of concentrated Dark Energy gets larger and larger, it becomes stronger and stronger… and causes the Physical Matter of the Universe to recede faster and faster away from it.

Or, simpler still, Dark Energy stinks, but it is so diffuse that you do not notice the stench. Concentrate it, that is, gather it together, and it really, really stinks… Thus, the Universe runs away!

May your tiny percent of stink be so bad that you increase the immortality of the Universe.

Thank you for listening.

If you would like to know more about the subjects and exercises we’ve been covering in these talks, including the book and guide that underpins it all, and how we work with it, you can find us at The Dog Publishing, at the website The Dog Pub Dot Com.

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Thus, you now have real time access to the materials we discuss.

Goodbye until next time.

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