S2/EP18: The taste of the notes in an octave

Podcast Series 2, Episode 18 “The taste of the notes in an octave”

A short talk discussing what each note in an octave will “taste” like as you reach them and pass through each interval, using the example of a marathon runner. Podcast transcript available at www.thedogteachings.com.


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This is a series of talks about objective consciousness, an objective universe, and an objective way to wake up.

It is primarily based on the works of George I. Gurdjieff and Russell A. Smith, and aims to cut through the swathes of subjectivity that cloud our evolution and journey through life.

Each episode in this series focuses upon a particular element of their teachings and aims to bring simple understanding to what was frequently hidden in plain sight within the various subject areas of the Fourth Way.

In our last talk we discussed how all octaves were ascending octaves.
In this discussion, Mr. Smith will talk about the taste of the notes.

To understand the taste of the notes, you first need to pick an event.

If you pick an event, and imagine the progression of that event, the taste of the notes will be very easy to recognize.

So let’s pick an event… let’s pick the marathon.

It is time to run the marathon.

All right, you know what the note DO tastes like. You put your uniform on, your tennis shoes on, and you drive off to some place where the participants go to sign up… and, you register for the race.

You limber up by stretching or by doing some calisthenics, etc., and head to the starting area and gather with the other runners… taking every advantage to psyche them out and intimidate them.

Then, you wait for RE.

RE is the actual start of the race.

DO-RE is the interval wherein all the preparation takes place, but RE is the moment when they actually shoot the gun, Ka-Bang!

Everybody is leaning forward, or down in a runner’s starting stance, in order to get a faster start; “On your marks… get set… go.” The starters gun goes off, BANG, and the race begins. Now you know what RE tastes like.

The interval between RE and MI begins when everybody starts running.

Everyone is full of energy.

All have the wish of winning the race, or at least of finishing it.

The race continues, mile after mile.

The runners all get off to a good start and are now jockeying for position.

OK, it’s a 26 and some-odd mile race. When do we reach MI?

What is MI?

It is when you settle into the run.

At first, a bunch of runners break out of the pack. They have a strong RE. They try to get a quick lead; but, usually, they fall back into the pack… and the pack settles down. Then, finally, the runners find their rhythms.

The race is on! “Run Forest, run.” You taste the note MI… and, move into the interval between MI and FA.

You are running in your stride, you are humping it, and you are feeling good. You believe that you will be able to finish the race.

OK, what is FA?

FA is the moment when it starts getting difficult.

Your legs start to hurt. You are dehydrated. You need water. You are sweating like crazy. And, you have the first moment of asking yourself, “Should I quit? Should I stop?

Oh my God, I have never ran this far, nor this long. I am only 9 miles into the race, and I have 17 miles to go! How am I ever going to make it?”

Congratulations, you have just encountered the denying force, making it very easy to taste the note FA.

It begins when you first confront the forces that are against you, which prompts you to say: “I have gone far enough, my leg hurts, I had better stop, I cannot go any farther…. Well, at least I tried.”

But you don’t stop. You push past the FA. You push past the denying forces… and, you trudge on.

It is an amazing thing: When you pass the FA, the denying forces lose their influence.

Just like, if you held your arm out in front of you. After a while, your arm would start to hurt… but, if you keep holding your arm out in front of you, the hurt will disappear… and, you get the sense of being able to hold your arm out indefinitely.


Amazing, you have just made it to the note SO.

You have passed the denying forces and made it through the FA-SO interval. You can now taste the note SO, and are experiencing what is called the runner’s high. You have transcended the pain, and it feels like you could run forever.

OK, you are now entering the SO-LA interval.

You are running and running. You are there. You are in your stride. You have your second wind, and will keep on running, effortlessly, until you hit LA.

At LA, which is at the same vibration as the first assisting octave FA, another denying Force enters. It is overcome by the water-break-tables, the munching on protein bars, the encouraging cheers of the crowd, and things like that.

But LA also has a sense of: “This is as far as I can be pushed. The next part of the race is going to be all on me, because, up until now, I have been prodded by the idea that I am in a marathon and have told everyone about it.”
That… and many other things, have been driving you forward. You have been pushed to LA by the bottom DO, but cannot be pushed further. And, the next part of the race is on you.

It’s all on you. Your determination. Your inner strength. Your inner force. How bad do you actually want it?

You probably know the taste of LA because you have tasted LA before.

But now, It’s all up to you. Remember the cheers from the crowd, which gave you a force and helped you keep running? Well, their cheers do not mean anything to you now, nor will they in the future. They can no longer help you.

Now, the force you need must now come from inside you.

Then, you pass the LA and get into the LA-TI interval, where you begin to question whether or not you can do this by yourself, that is, without any help coming from outside.

You are still in the race, but there is no force coming from outside, and there is almost no force coming from inside; but, somehow, you trudge on….

You begin to shuffle your feet. In fact, you are most likely gravity running. You are leaning forward, falling forward, shuffling your feet… just enough to keep from falling on your face, but not enough to arrest your forward momentum.

You are at the brink of exhaustion… and, are barely moving.

Your legs are cramped. You are dehydrated. You are deoxygenated, and have no idea why you are still running… or even if you can continue. But, somehow, you keep going.

In episode 10 we discussed what the note TI tastes like. It was where, when running the marathon, after you were totally spent and on the verge of quitting, you came around some corner, and there, in the distance, you saw the Olympic Stadium. Remember that story? Suddenly, you were infused with an incredible energy. A force was generated in you when you saw the finish; a force which was created by the completing principle.

OK, back to the race. So, Mr. runner of the marathon, you are now invigorated by an incredible force because you can see the finish. God, a new force… the force of, “I can do this; I can make it.” The end is sensed… and pulls you toward it. When it does, you experience the taste of TI; a taste, which I am sure that you experienced many times before.

Alright, before today, I may not have explained the taste of all the notes, but I certainly told you about the completing principle and what TI tastes like.

It was also in episode 10, about the guy who fell down in the desert to die… and, then, spied the oasis. So, I previously provided several examples of what it means to taste the note TI. That is, to feel the completing principle coming back through the last stopinder, reaching you, and pulling you to completion.

So, I may not have, in one sitting, enumerated a scenario regarding the taste of the other notes. But I have today!

OK. That should leave a good taste in your mouth.

Thank you for listening, and, if you’d like to know more about the subjects and exercises we’ve been covering, including the book and guide that underpins it all, and, how we work with it; or, if you would like to obtain diagrams of the structure, as well as, learn the math which supports it, you can find us at The Dog Publishing, at the website The Dog Pub Dot Com. That’s T H E D O G P U B DOT COM

I hope you find it useful

Goodbye until next time.

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