Podcast Series 1, Episode 10: Active Reasoning Exercise

Active Reasoning Exercise - woman sitting in window looking at the world

Active Reasoning Exercise

A tool to generate the process of active reasoning in your being, which can be instantly applied, resulting in you being able to free yourself from any worldly encounter.

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Welcome to a series of podcasts on how to achieve a peaceful and mindful state, by using simple, short exercises. 

Each episode focuses upon a particular element of our being, and will reveal exercises designed to expand our awareness, and build up a gradual sense of inner calm and alertness.

Today, we’re going to talk about an exercise called “Active Reasoning”. 

Another exercise that was explained to me by the fellow in Texas. 

It is called “active reasoning.” 

It is more of an action than an exercise.

Origins of the exercise

It originated in Gurdjieff’s book Views From the Real World, and can be found in the Chapter titled: “Liberation leads to liberation…”. 

It is a great tool, which can be instantly applied, allowing oneself to free oneself from any worldly encounter. 

And, it only requires two realizations.

I shall paraphrase the process for you.

Let’s say, Someone calls me a fool. 

Normally, if someone called me a fool, I would be upset (and, my upset would be directed to the person who called me a fool).

OK. How can I NOT be upset?

I know, I will use “active reasoning.”

Boy, this will be easy.  Why?  Because, in order to active reason, I only need to consider two possibilities.

First, I will acknowledge that, someone called me a fool. Gosh, why did they do that?

Using Reason


The person that called me a fool does not know me that well, which means, they probably heard some gossip or rumors that were said about me; and, they believed them.  

How foolish… to believe in what you hear said about someone – without verifying it for yourself – is a very foolish thing to do.  So, in reality, that “someone who called me a fool,” is actually the real fool… because they blindly believed, in gossip or rumors, without verifying them for themselves. 

Eureka, since I now know that it was a fool who called me a fool, I will not be affected.

Who could be affected if a fool calls you a fool…. Noone.

But, active reasoning also demands that I not only acknowledge that someone called me a fool; but, I also acknowledge that it is possible that I, actually, acted foolishly.  

Yikes!  No one wants to act foolishly.  

Helping your aims

In fact, one of my aims in life is to not act foolishly.  That is, I don’t want to be a fool. 

And now, someone has come along and called me a fool… perhaps, because I was acting foolishly. Wow!  Unbeknownst to them, they have reminded me of my aim, of which I am very thankful.

I certainly cannot be upset by someone who has reminded me of my aim.

So, either way I am free.

Those are the actions of “Active Reasoning.”

Thank you for listening.

Goodbye until next time.

Teachings based upon the works of R. A. Smith and G. I. Gurdjieff.

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