S4/E34: Gurdjieff: Awaking the Higher

Published February 17th, 2022

S4/E34: Gurdjieff: Awaking the Higher

Gurdjieff: Awaking the Higher

In this podcast we narrate a dialogue between Russell and several of his students, about dreams, the Chi exercise, Enneagrams, coming from dust, the definition of time, joining chaos with unity, and the need-to-be-needed.


Cosmic Rumple Notes - 1

Cosmic Rumple Notes - 2

Welcome to a series of talks about objective consciousness, an objective Universe, and an objective way to awaken, expanding upon the works of George I. Gurdjieff and Russell A. Smith.

In today’s podcast I will narrate a dialogue between Russell and several of his students, about dreams, the Chi exercise, Enneagrams, coming from dust, the definition of time, joining chaos with unity, and the need-to-be-needed.


But first I would like to tell you about a few of Russell’s students. 

I shall begin with Jerry in California, who went to study with Russell in 2016. Jerry deserved to awaken, after all he had been in various Fourth Way schools and Work groups for over 47 years, which, although they had contributed to him becoming a good householder, they did not provide him with that je ne sais quoi that Gurdjieff had. And as such, when he heard Russell's claim that Russell could show others how to awaken, he contacted Russell and pleaded with him to come out of retirement and take one more student on the journey; to which Russell agreed. And, as this was perhaps Jerry’s last attempt to awaken, he did exactly as Russell suggested; he left everything that he believed to be true in California, then went to Texas, and drank-in every drop. After spending 10 days with Russell, he successfully awoke his Higher Emotional Center, just as Russell had claimed. Then, when he went back to California, he stopped going to the Fourth Way groups and spiritual gatherings that he had been attending, and instead, doggedly pursued qualifying for the Master Exercises and the Double or Nothing Exercises, as he wanted to awaken his Higher Mental Center as well. 

After quickly achieving that aim, he purchased a dozen copies of The Blueprint of Consciousness and distributed them to various folks who had also been in the Work for many years. After which, he began teaching them, so that they too could awaken their Higher Emotional Centers, and with his guidance, they did. Several went beyond awakening their Higher Emotional Centers, and awoke their Higher Mental Centers as well, including his daughter.


Then, there is John in Austin, who back in 1997 heard about Russell from one of the attendees at the All and Everything conference. After John awoke, he sent his wife to see Russell and she awoke as well. Their only dilemma in life was that they desperately wanted to have children; they tried for years and years to conceive, but nothing they tried was successful. So, on one of his frequent visits, John asked Russell what to do. Unfortunately, Russell did not know the answer. But fortunately, he was smart enough to put the question to his ‘higher’ who did. The ‘higher’ replied, “Simple, all he needs to do is to prepare the place before sending the prayer up. That is, to make her receptive, to get her aroused, and to bring her to completion before placing the prayer on the lubricated trail.” Very soon after returning to Austin, his wife became pregnant. They now have two children. Needless to say, John was very thankful, and as such, he took it upon himself to not only set up, but to maintain Russell’s first website, thedogpub.com. A website that contains an Archive of Russell’s teachings, which initially, was only available to those who Russell had awakened. However, it is now available to those who have purchased The Blueprint of Consciousness as well. 


Next, there is Symon in Colorado. He awoke in 2004. Symon was a very successful martial arts teacher, who after awakening decided to become a Dentist, and as such, he enrolled in a top Dental school. Needless to say, he aced the course, so much so that after graduation, he was quickly gobbled up by a Dental conglomerate who provided him his own practice and staff. And today, when he receives Russell’s emails announcing that someone has awakened, has received the Master Exercises, or has qualified for the Double or Nothing Exercises, he always writes to them and says things like: “Outstanding work Auriel!! We can know something is real when we don’t feel ‘special;’ if we feel special, it is probably just ego, and therefore, not real. I wanted to write to you and tell you to keep up the great work, many treasures are still to be unearthed, and to let you know that I am always available.” Or “Congratulations Tammy on receiving the Master Exercises. To acquire the tools that are necessary to become what you are meant to become, is truly an amazing accomplishment. Feel free to contact me if I can ever be of any assistance.”  Or “Wow Mr. F!! You have clearly proven that you have learned how to keep it in mind and have done so in a very short time. Congratulations! Double or Nothing, changes everything. Please let me know if you need anything, as I am always available.”


And who can forget Alexey in Moscow, who has a Doctorate in Physics and in Mathematics. Alexey first went to Texas in 2004, as an interpreter for Marlen Papava, a Russian athlete in the 1976 Olympics, who afterwards went on to become a Medical Doctor. Since Alexey had gone to Texas to translate for Marlen, Russell decided to awaken him as well. After which, Alexey returned to Texas a dozen times, once with his brother in order to translate the journey for him, as he too only spoke Russian. Alexey also took it upon himself to compute the mathematics of Russell’s Cosmic Rumple (See the diagrams Rumple 1 and 2), and then patiently explained to Russell how the Cosmic Rumple was a fundamental shape found everywhere in the Universe. He also translated Russell’s book into Russian, so that he could take fellow Russians on the journey.

In addition, after awakening Marlen, Marlen asked Russell if he could seek asylum at the school, saying, “Now that I have awoken, I do not want to go back to Russia, instead, may I stay at the school?” Unfortunately, that was something that was out of Russell’s control. But fortunately, through Alexey, Russell was able to stay in touch with Marlen, as he pursued the Master Exercises and the Double or Nothing Exercises.

I could tell you what hundreds of other folks said or did after they awoke, but let's move on to Student’s questions, and Russell’s answers.


Student:  Last night I had a very unpleasant dream. One that I did not enjoy having. So, I was wondering, once we become impartial, does impartiality swap over into our dreams, so that we no longer have any of that unpleasant stuff?

Russell:  It does swap over to some extent, but initially, dreams are out of our control. They are just random stories constructed by what is in our centers. That is why children who watch scary movies before going to bed, often have nightmares. 

However, if we put conscious stuff in, then conscious stuff will eventually invade our dreams.


Different student:  That is why I try to read something from the Fourth Way every night, so that Fourth Way stuff will be in my dreams.  

Russell:  Good practice. 

Unfortunately, most of our dreams are unpredictable, as they contain random data, which often changes because of associations, and as such, after watching a movie about World War II, we might find ourselves being chased by Germans through a bowling alley that smelled really bad, who were trying to stab us with sausages attached to the end of their rifles. Why? Well, because Germans carry rifles that have bayonets, and also make pretty good sausages, like the sausage we always ate with our dad, who owns a bowling alley, that we ordered every time we went to that German bar to watch the Super Bowl; the one where we had to walk through that alley to get to, which smelled really bad, because that is where they kept their dumpster … or something like that.


Different student:  In doing the Chi-exercise, I have noticed that when my fingers get very close, even though they haven’t touched yet, they can feel each other. Is that because there is an energy there. If so, my question is: has that energy always been there or did I create it?

Russell:  It has always been there. Everything has always been there, except you. That is, with presence, you will begin to notice many things, which have always been there, that you never noticed were there, because you were not. Just like if you stopped and listened, you would hear many things that you did not hear before you stopped and listened.


Different student:  Last week, you were talking about the fourteen lines of supervision in an Enneagram. Then, when someone asked you a question about the inner octaves within an Enneagram, your answer was that the fourteen lines of supervision in those inner octaves helped the larger octave complete itself. Did I get that right?

Russell:  Yes. For example: if you found yourself stranded in the wilderness, in order to survive, you may need to eat rabbits. But, before you could eat them, you would first have to perfect the inner octaves of making the tools necessary to catch them, making the tools necessary to skin them, and making the tools necessary to start a fire and cook them.


Student:  Are those the 10-octave, and the 12-octave, within the 8-octave that Mr. Gurdjieff talked about?

Russell:  Well, yes and no. The numbers 8, 10, and 12, refer to where the forces are. That is, to where the 8 is, as well as to where the two assisting forces, the 10 and the 12 are, which must enter in order for the 8 to complete itself. In the octave of survival, those forces would be akin to having both water and food. Whereas the inner octaves, which are between RE and MI, MI and SO, and SO and DO, although they are dependent on assisting forces, better describe the intricacies within that event. 


Different student:  I have three questions, two belong together. 

Firstly, I have been contemplating how time always moves forward, and how lucky I am to be the egg-of-the-month that my father fertilized. That being said, we have this stuff that is constantly moving forward, nothing that I know of goes backward, except our physical bodies, which return to dust after we die. But currently, I have an opportunity to develop something higher in myself that will go forward when my physical body dies and returns to dust. But since I came from organic matter, and not from dust, I am curious as to what the dust is that they refer to.

Russell:  Well, in truth, we all came from dust; from cosmic dust. Coming from dust is the idea that we did not come from rocks. That is, until the rocks that contained the elements had eroded into dust. Whereafter, in the primordial pools of water that formed on the planets, the elements were finally able to interact with each other and became organic matter. 


Student:  Oh, I gotcha. 

Secondly, if I came from the source of God, and then had to go through chaos in order to reach an organized state that would allow me to return to the source, does that mean that I will have to go back through the chaos in order to get there?

Russell:  Let me see, how shall I answer that? Since the model you already know is that all things go forward, then uniting with the source will always be in the forward direction. That being said, our development is more of an oscillation. One, that with unity, moves towards the source, and one, that without unity, moves towards the dust. 

And, as to bringing in time, do you recall my definition of time? That time is nothing other than the measure of existence. That is, if something exists, there is time; if nothing exists, there is no time. Not to mention the fact that if there is no time, there would be no way of knowing for how long there was no time, because there was nothing to measure. Whereas, if something exists, then its time of existence can be measured. For example: If you are a neutron, your time of existence is 15 minutes, unless you are able to bind with a proton and enjoy its time of existence, which for the proton is a third of a googol number of years. That is why Gurdjieff’s “Ideally-Unique-Subjective-Phenomenon” varies, because different existences have different durations. I repeat, “There is no such thing as time, there is only the measure of existence.” 


Student:  Thank you, Russ. That is very clear to me now.

Russell:  You are most welcome. At least, this TIME you are!


Student:  [Laughing].


Another student:  For me, the journey from God to chaos is the journey of physical matter. Whereas the journey from chaos to God is the journey of higher matter.  

Russell:  Well spotted. 

I have a model that says draw a straight line, and at one end of the line put the word “unity,” and at the other end of the line put the word “chaos.” 

At the point of unity, everything is held in one place. Whereas, at the point of chaos, everything is dispersed. 

Then, one day while looking at the model, I realized that in order to hold everything in one place, I must be able to hold everything not in one place, and when I realized that, my straight line became a circle. 


Student:  Wow Russ, I can see it. Chaos is a principle of unity, which allows the law of three and the law of seven to stay intact even in the chaos. That is, the two laws don't go to pieces at the bottom. As such, is the law of three the function, and the law of seven the potential of the function?

Russell:  Pretty much. The law of three refers to the forces. Whereas the law of seven refers to the movement of those forces.


Different student:  What you are saying was just discussed in a new science account, which said that things are not really chaotic, but rather follow the laws and the patterns of the Universe. They only look chaotic when we look at them with our formatory apparatus, because our formatory apparatus is unable to recognize different scales. That is, it can’t see multiple levels of rules and laws, and as such, everything looks random. But then, once they applied this new science of chaos, everything was just fractals in different scales, which at first looked random, but was not.

Russell:  Yes. Indeed. There are rules and laws behind everything. Even behind what appears to be chaos. Just like if we rolled 50 dice. Although we would not be able to predict the numbers that would come up, we would be able to predict that all the numbers would be between one and six, and that there would be 50 of them. It is called a ‘strange attractor.’ If you watched the video we posted on our website called The Strange New Science of Chaos, you saw that if you took a poster sized piece of paper, put three random dots on it labeled 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6, put a fourth random dot on it from which to begin, then rolled a die, and whatever number you rolled, one, two, three, four, five, or six, you went halfway from your starting dot to the number that you rolled, and put a new dot. Then you rolled the die again, and put another dot halfway from the first dot to the new number that you rolled … and continued the process. You would think that after several thousand repetitions, you would have a page full of randomly placed dots. But that is not what happens, instead, you get a large triangle in the center that has no dots inside of it, which is surrounded by inverted triangles that have no dots inside of them, and smaller inverted triangles around those, which also have no dots inside. It is quite amazing to see the computer-generated model produced by the process. 

All the dots that are produced fall on the perimeter of triangles created by the dots, but never fall in their centers. 


Student:  Wow, Russ. I pulled the video up while you were describing it, and you are right, the symmetrical pattern is truly amazing.

Russell:  Yes, it is. 

It is just like rolling the 50 dice, conditions were applied that created a strange attractor. That is, we started with three random dots, and then went halfway from some starting point to the number that was rolled. And, by always going halfway, we never placed a dot in someone else’s triangle. Not to mention the fact that by starting with three dots, which symbolizes the three points of a triangle, the pattern is always one of triangles. 

That being said, although it fills up chaotically, there are rules and laws which stand behind the chaos. 

The chaos part is not knowing where the next dot will fall. However, we do know that it will always fall within the strange attractor that is behind the chaos.


Student:  I was watching an interview with a Physicist, who said that what they are working on now is trying to bring all of Einstein's equations, as well as other physicist’s equations down to a simple model that would include everything. And, my question to you is this, doesn’t what you have discovered concerning the law of three and the law of seven accomplish that?

Russell:  Well, I think so, as do the other 500+ people who have awoken.


Student:  I think so too. Because the things you said here today about time, distance, and measurement, all came about because the law of three and the law of seven were changed. That is, they became diatonic, which is a pretty simple thing. In fact, everything in your teachings are pretty simple things.

Russell:  Thank you for that. Perhaps, my teachings will awaken the world.


Prior student:  My third question is a being thing. I have observed through the years that human beings have the need-to-be-needed or the need to help someone. And, after watching the animal kingdom for quite some time, I have noticed that many of them also need-to-be-needed. I mean, everybody likes to be loved and petted and that kind of stuff. So, is false personality, the idea of needing-to-be-needed? That is, if we have a need-to-be-needed, isn’t that an indication that our center of gravity is outside ourselves?

Russell:  The idea of needing-to-be-needed originates in the Higher Emotional Center, as can be seen in social animals. For instance, dogs long to be part of a pack. That is, they need to have others around them, as well as having an alpha male above them. Many other species exhibit similar properties. Properties that say, I need to be a part of a group, I need to be a contributor, and I need someone to follow. Because by being a part of a group, by being a contributor, and by having someone to follow, they have a better chance of staying alive. So, animals with a Higher Emotional Center will need-to-be-needed.


Student:  Yes. I watch birds, and birds don’t seem to have that need, but I can see that dogs do. Yep, it’s that higher brain that makes the difference.

Russell:  It’s always the higher brain that makes the difference! 

By the way, I loved your earlier statement about you being the egg-of-the-month!


Student:  Yes, I got lucky!

Russell:  Yes, you did. Fortunately, you were not the egg-of-the-month ‘before,’ nor the egg-of-the-month ‘after,’ if you had been, you would not be here today.


Student:  Haha, indeed.

Russell:  Any other questions….?


Okay, well, I guess we are done for today. 

Thank you for being here.

Have a great week.



That completes today’s podcast.


Thank you for listening.

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