S4/E24: Creation in a Nutshell

Published December 9th, 2021

Shoot and Nut

Creation in a Nutshell

In this podcast we narrate a dialog between Russell and two of his students, concerning staying on an even keel, the benefits of not expressing negative emotions, active reasoning, as well as, counseling a student on the properties of creation, how to escape a black hole, the matrix of outer forces, and the altering of the Law of Seven.


1. The 12, 10, 8 Diagram

12,10,8 Diagram

2. Boundaries of Creation

Boundaries of Creation

3. Pascal’s Triangle

Pascal’s Triangle

4. Creation Diagram


5. Separated Forces/Even-Thirds, Octave Structure/Diatonic Except for TI

Creation Part 2

6. Diatonic Enneagram

Diatonic Enneagram

Welcome to a series of talks about objective consciousness, an objective Universe, and an objective way to awaken, expanding upon the works of George I. Gurdjieff and Russell A. Smith.

In this podcast I will narrate a dialog between Russell and two of his students, concerning staying on an even keel, the benefits of not expressing negative emotions, active reasoning, as well as, counseling a student on the properties of creation, how to escape a black hole, the matrix of outer forces, and the altering of the Law of Seven. 

The diagrams for this podcast can be found on our website thedogteachings.com at the link found in the description of this podcast. 

Let’s begin. 


 Student:  Hello, Russ, how are you tonight?

 Russell:  I am terrific, and yourself? 

Student:  I am better than terrific. I am awake, my Steward is in place, and as such, I am the ruler of my inner world.

Russell:  Wonderful.


Student:  I wanted to tell you an uplifting story about one of my boys.

Russell:  Great.


Student:  As you know, some months ago I started memorizing the aphorisms. Well, two days ago, when I was out shopping with the family, my youngest son was being quite a nag. He wanted this, he wanted that, he wanted this, he wanted that, he just wouldn’t give up; after a bit, I finally said to him, you should try to make yourself stronger by not wanting everything. Afterwhich, I bent over and whispered in his ear, “Like what it does not like.” 

Then, that night at dinner, when I asked my children what they had learned that day? My youngest son said, “Well,  I learned from Papa, that I should ‘like what it does not like!’”  Which was something!

Russell:  Very nice. You are becoming a very good role model.  

Student:  Yes, indeed I am. 

Since we last talked, I have been on a very even keel. Nothing quite as earth shattering as the other night with my son, but a definite uptick in presence, which doesn’t seem to be going away. It has even invaded my medical practice and has made me a better neurosurgeon.

Russell:  That’s the way it works.


Student:  Currently, I am reading The Fourth Way. I am in chapter 10, about increasing will. And, it is going great.

Russell:  Terrific. If you ever have a moment where it is not, just ask yourself, “Where am I on a scale from 1 to 10?” and realize that you can always do something to raise your state up one notch. As long as you can remember to do that, how would life ever drag you down?


Student:  That’s it. That’s exactly it. I got it. 

On another note, I find that by not expressing negative emotions, I not only have more control over myself, but less reaction to the outside world. 

Russell:  Well done. That is how it begins. It begins by not expressing negative emotions, and when you finally accomplish that, you will become immune to the world.


Student:  Well, I have been trying. Do negative emotions ever settle down?

Russell:  Yes. 

Not only will they settle down, but they will become totally foreign to you. There will come a day when you call me and say, “Russ, I don’t know how I ever functioned before I woke up.” And then you will tell me about some big hoopla that took place that didn't get into your inner world. 

Kind of like the chapter ‘Liberation leads to liberation’ in Views from the Real World, where Gurdjieff says, “Liberation leads to liberation, these are the first words of truth,” and explains how liberation from the inner world, the lesser world, leads to liberation from the outer world, the bigger world. And then he shares the exercise called active reasoning. Do you remember that?


Student:  I remember the first part, but not the active reasoning part.

Russell:  No problem. 

In short, Gurdjieff talked about how someone called him a fool, afterwhich, he reasoned that either, A: The guy who called him a fool must have heard something derogatory about him, and without verification, he believed it, which kind of made the guy who called him a fool, the real fool. And as such, he was not affected by the fool who called him a fool. Or, B: With his aim of not being a fool, if he did act foolishly, he would not be affected by some guy who was kind enough to remind him of his aim, and point out to him that he had acted foolishly. So, either way, he was free.


Student:  Yes, I do remember that now. In fact, I even underlined it!

Russell:  That is law-conformable, and confirms how we need to study things again and again, before they become ours … even the things we underline. That is, we can’t just read a book once and expect the knowledge contained therein to be ours. 

It is like me and The Fourth Way, I read that book a hundred times, and it wasn’t until after many, many readings that I finally started to understand it. 


Student:  It must have taken you a while to go through it that many times.

Russell:  Just two years. I read it cover to cover every week. Which is probably very similar to what you had to do in order to become a neurosurgeon. That is, you had to go over and over the same material week after week, until it became yours, didn't you?


Student:  Yes, I did.

Russell:  As such, you have become a very good neurosurgeon, and I have become a very good awaker of men.

Student:  Indeed you have. 

That being the case, I wish I could stay and chat with you a bit longer, so that I could take more from the well, but I have to go; I have patients to contact. So, I will call you next Sunday. Thanks, Russ, and good night

Russell:  Good night, sir.  

Later on that evening, another student called:  Hi, Russ. I have a problem. I was looking at the MI-FA interval, the one that was lengthened. It, however, is smaller than the other intervals, and as such, it looks to me like it has been shortened. And for the life of me, I can’t reconcile how it was lengthened, yet looks to be shortened. 

Russell:  Well, that is not a problem at all. Do you have one of my books handy, Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets, or The Blueprint of Consciousness?  

Student:  Yes, I have them both right here.

Russell:  Wonderful. Open The Blueprint of Consciousness to page 116. On page 116, in brown print, you will find what is on page 23 in Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets, which is Gurdjieff’s quote concerning the lengthening of one of the stopinders. 

However, before we read that, let’s turn the clock back to before creation. That is, to before the “big bang.”

In Gurdjieff’s “creation myth”, God created the Universe in order to maintain his home, the “Holy Sun Absolute.” A creation story that fits the current astrophysics theories about the “big bang.” That description includes Consciousness as a fundamental aspect of materiality, on its finest (least material) level. “The Absolute” may correspond to the “singularity” within the primordial black hole, where all laws and forces were combined at a single point at the very beginning of creation. The “Holy Sun Absolute” may correspond to the black hole which formed around that singularity. 

Fortunately, we learned from theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking that black holes slowly lose mass, which means that Gurdjieff’s “creation myth” provides a plausible physical analogy for the Absolute constating that His abode, the “Holy Sun Absolute,” was shrinking in volume. And as such, the Absolute responded by changing the laws of 3 and 7, and “...directed the action of their forces from within the Most Holy Sun Absolute into the space of the Universe, whereupon there was obtained the what is called ‘Emanation-of-the-Sun-Absolute’ and now called, Theomertmalogos or ‘Word-God’.” 

But “singularities” and “black holes” create a problem. 

If the “Absolute” is at the center of a primordial “black hole,” then how do we get the forces, which are within that “singularity,” out? Afterall, we are told in astrophysics that nothing ever gets out of a “black hole,” not even “light,” which is traveling at 186,000 miles per second. 

Fortunately, on the night of December 6, 1979, theoretical physicist Alan Guth had a “spectacular realization.” One that turned cosmology on its head. He imagined that at the very beginning of the big bang, the entire Universe expanded exponentially, going from microscopic size to cosmic size at a speed which was greater than the speed of light!


That is how the Absolute must have done it. He simply caused things to go faster than the speed of light, and as such, He was able to eject the forces, which were within the singularity, out into the Universe.”

Okay, that solves that problem. 

Now, let’s tackle another. When the forces escaped the “singularity,” how did they orient? 

Consider the shape of a tetrahedron. A tetrahedron is the only geometric shape which has all its points equidistant from each other. Thus, the “Absolute,” and the forces coming out of the “Absolute,” according to the principle that “likes repel,” were forced to configure tetrahedrally, afterall, they all came from the same place and therefore had “like charges.” So, the ensuing configuration was tetrahedral, one that had the “Absolute” at one point, and the forces, which came out of the “Absolute,” at the other three. 

Eureka #2.

That solves that problem, which brings us to a third. After the initial tetrahedral configuration, how did it proceed?

That process can easily be envisioned by the mathematics of the separated forces. I will use the Enneagram, which I introduced in the podcast of two weeks ago, called, “Stepping into the Light.” (See the 12, 10, 8 diagram). It shows where the forces are in an Enneagram that goes from 6 to 12, revealing how the three forces, which entered the Universe, are in an 8, 10, and 12 relationship. Other than the bottom DO, which is at 6/6, the others are at  8/6, 10/6, and 12/6.

Wherein, we find Mr. Gurdjieff’s famous relationship of the three forces: 8, 10, and 12, as well as get our first glimpse into their mathematics. That is, starting from the top DO, the mathematics is 12 x 1 = 12, 12 x ⅚ = 10, 12 x ⅔ = 8, and 12 x ½ = 6, which reveals the factors of 1, ⅚, ⅔, and ½. But, since the factors of 1 and ½ refer to the beginning and ending DO’s, we will exclude them, and focus on the factors of ⅚ and ⅔, which reveal the mathematics of the other two forces, DO’s, that also appear within the octave.

Okay, I think we are good to go; and as such, I will introduce you to the boundaries of creation, which are ⅚ to the 7th and ⅔ cubed. (See the diagram called Boundaries of Creation).

You can see in the diagram, I multiplied the top DO by ⅚ to get the numerical value of another force which enters the Universe. Likewise, I multiplied it by ⅔, in order to get a third force.

Continuing that process, i.e., multiplying the new forces that are DO’s of their own octaves by ⅚ and ⅔, and then multiplying the forces produced by the ⅚ and ⅔, I discovered the home of all the forces that entered the Universe, and produced a matrix of 19 octaves within the first two halvings, which occurred outside the singularity. 

Okay, I multiplied the original DO by ⅚ and all the ensuing answers by ⅚ a total of seven times, and thus produced one boundary of creation. I also multiplied the original DO by ⅔ and all the ensuing answers by ⅔ a total of three times, and thus produced the other boundary of creation. I also multiplied every ⅚ answer by ⅔, and every ⅔ answer by ⅚, and thus produced all the forces that occurred within those boundaries. (If you wish to see the mathematics of this structure, see the diagram called Pascal’s Triangle). 

That solved the third problem.

Student:  I got it, Russ. That was very clear and succinct.

Russell:  I am sharing this with you, because it is my wish that you yourself do the math, to not only verify where the forces were that entered the Universe, but also understand why and how the Law of Seven had to be changed in order to accommodate them. A change, which subsequently produces an inner structure that gives certainty to the fact that you can indeed awaken, and that will help you see that it is not that hard to do, which is much better than relying on hope, prayer, speculation, conjecture, or guess. 

Okay, that pretty much covers the mathematics of the forces that escaped the singularity as to where they are, but what was the inner makeup of those forces? That is, what was their inner structure?

Unfortunately, Gurdjieff only gave us one clue, which can be found in the Line of Supervision that proceeds around the Enneagram, and goes from point 1, to point 4, to point 2, to point 8, to point 5, to point 7, and then goes back to point 1; that’s 142857, then back to 1. I then compared that clue to the decimal of 1/7, which is .142857, and saw that they were identical. As such, I took that knowledge, the 142857 and the .142857, and considered how a seven day creation also took place according to the Bible. Note: A day has 24 hours. It is probably just a coincidence that the diagram of creation, which we will examine shortly, was the smallest mathematical model that gave me all whole numbered answers. It too has 7 intervals, each with a length of 24. Putting those clues together, I surmised that the original 19 octaves flowed by even sevenths. 

Which caused another problem. When I took the octaves in the boundaries of creation that were created by the math of ⅚ to the 7th and ⅔ cubed, as well as by the combinations of ⅚ and ⅔ that fell within those boundaries, and then calculated them at even sevenths, I was saddened to see that not one of those forces, their DO’s, fell on any of the notes of the other octaves. Bummer. How could there be a creation if the existing forces could not participate in common octaves? I indeed had a problem.

That idea was supported by what Gurdjieff proposed, “Our COMMON FATHER OMNI-BEING ENDLESSNESS, having decided to change the principle of the maintenance of the existence of this then still unique cosmic concentration and sole place of HIS most glorious Being, first of all altered the process itself of the functioning of these two primordial fundamental sacred laws, and HE actualized the greater change in the law of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh.” 

Which means that God saw the problem too, and therefore, He had to make a greater change in the Law of Seven.

Eureka! Solves that. 

Okay. Now let’s tackle what the greater change in the Law of Seven was.

Gurdjieff continues, “These changes in the functioning of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh consisted in this, that in three of its Stopinders HE altered the, what are called ‘subjective actions’ which had been until then in the Stopinders, in this respect, that in one HE lengthened the law conformable successiveness; shortened it in another; and in a third, disharmonized it.”

“And, namely, with the purpose of providing the ‘requisite inherency’ for receiving, for its functioning, the automatic affluence of all forces which were near, HE lengthened the Stopinder between its third and fourth deflections.” 

The key to deciphering the above passages can be found in the first paragraph where Gurdjieff says, “lengthened the law conformable successiveness.” 

From the Absolute’s point of view, DO-336, (See the Creation diagram) there are seven Stopinders, DO-TI, TI-LA, LA-SO, SO-FA, FA-MI, MI-RE, and RE-DO, in law conformable [equal sevenths] succession [one after the other]. To “lengthen the law conformable successiveness” of one of the stopinders, implies that one of them is going to be moved further away from the Absolute. Thus, lengthening it in its law conformable successiveness from the Absolute. 

Next, in the second paragraph, we find out which Stopinder is going to be lengthened. However, Gurdjieff “buries the dog” by: firstly, referring to the Stopinders in ascending order (DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI, and DO); and secondly, by telling us that it is the Stopinder between its third and fourth deflections, between MI and FA, that is going to be lengthened, as if the lengthening occurs between the notes MI and FA. Instead of realizing that the entire Stopinder, the Stopinder between the notes MI and FA, needs to have its “law conformable successiveness” altered. That is, moved further away from the Absolute.

If you examine the top half of the Creation diagram, you will see what the Law of Seven looked like before it got changed. 

It had seven intervals. Each with a length of 24, as I mentioned earlier just like the 7 days in a week. 


Student:  Yep, I see that.

Russell:  Okay. Now, we are going to take the FA, at 240 vibrations, and lengthen the FA-MI interval by pushing on the FA and shoving the FA-MI interval further away from the Absolute, that is, from the DO at 336. And as such, we will lengthen the law conformable successiveness of the third Stopinder, as well as align the note FA with the force at 224.


Student:  Oh my God, Russ. That is fantastic. You have just answered every question I ever had about Gurdjieff’s creation scenario, and explained why and how it all had to be done. Just fantastic.

I also saw the animations on the website, and after seeing what you have shown me today, I have no doubt as to its validity. 

Russell:  That is just great. 

Next, the interval that was shortened in order to facilitate the commencement of the octave above, can be seen on page 128 in The Blueprint of Consciousness. (See the diagram titled Separated Forces/Even-Thirds, Octave Structure/Diatonic Except for TI). 

Gurdjieff continues, “And the Stopinder which HE shortened, is between its last deflection and the beginning of a new cycle of its completing process; by this same shortening, for the purpose of facilitating the commencement of a new cycle of its completing process, HE predetermined the functioning of the given Stopinder to be dependent only upon the affluence of forces, obtained from outside through that Stopinder from the results of the action of that cosmic concentration itself in which the completing process of this primordial fundamental sacred law flows.”


Student:  Ahhhh, yes, I see that one too.

Russell:  Fantastic!

The Blueprint of Consciousness will allow you to see and understand every facet of the structure, from creation to awakening, and make what was once very vague, clear, and concise. So I urge you to get on with the cure.


Student:  I will, Russ. I am eager to do just that.

Russell:  Terrific.

Now, look at the diagram called The Diatonic Enneagram. See the three points of the triangle?


Student:  Yes.

Russell:  The triangle point at the bottom right is after the mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In, the MI-FA interval. It is a tough interval to get past because there is a force at FA that needs to be overcome. The triangle point on the bottom left is after the Harnel-Aoot, the SO-LA interval. It is also a tough interval to get past because there is a force at LA that needs to be overcome. And the triangle point at the top is after an intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In, the TI-DO interval. It too is a tough interval to get past because there is a descending force at top DO that also needs to be overcome. Those three triangle points contain the DO’s of the three forces, which we have been discussing, that stop the event. That is why we need to intentionally bring in assisting DO’s, assisting octaves, at the notes MI, SO, and TI before we encounter the forces at FA, LA, and DO, in order to overcome them.

Student:  Oh my God, Russ, those are the DO’s we have been discussing. And now that I know where they are and how they got there, getting on with the cure is going to be fun.

Russell:  And, it gets more fun. 

However, I will spare your brain from learning about the more fun until next week, at which time I will share with you a podcast titled, “How to Awaken in a Nutshell.” 

Student:  Thank you Russ, I can’t wait.

Good night.

That completes today’s podcast.


Thank you for listening.

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