Gurdjieff Aphorisms and Smith DOGTALES

Gurdjieff Aphorisms and DOG Tales

This page lists all G. I. Gurdjieff aphorisms explained and illustrated, as inscribed in a special script on the walls of the Study House at The Prieuré, d’Avon, France, together with R. A. Smith DOG Tales, extending and developing the aphorisms, to describe the objective world. `
First section shows all indexed aphorisms. Second section shows illustrations and explanations.

Gurdjieff Aphorisms

These aphorisms were written in the early half of the last century, where respect and recognition of gender identity was not prevalent.

Now, we give you the option to select your preferred gender for the Gurdjieff Aphorisms.

R. A. Smith DOG Tales

A continuation of the Gurdjieff aphorisms, from the THEDOG school.

0. There is no failure in effort. 
39. Only a fool doesn’t take advantage of help that’s available. 
40. You may not be able to make another man conscious but you can at least try not to contribute to his sleep. 
41. Don’t perceive that a man will understand you, perceive that he will not. 
42. Don’t put your suit on ‘til you get to the beach. 
43. Let your knowledge precede your actions… then, you will never be troubled. 
44. Where there is more, more is added; where there is little, even that is taken away. 
45. A man can do remarkable things…if…he has remarkable things to do. 
46. Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug. 
47. When you can make force, make force; no wait ‘til 2 p.m. 
48. You can’t call a turtle. 
49. The moment you become mechanical is the moment you become mechanical. 
50. Always remember the one you forget. 
51. To memorize means never having to guess. 
52. Freedom…is a whole stick. 
53. Don’t forget what you didn’t do, to get here. 
54. Everyone does what they can do when they can do it. 
55. Self-initiation means never having to blame someone else for your lack of progress. 
56. People have the remarkable ability to major in minor things. 
57. When there is no more tread left, it’s time to retire. 
58. When the knowledge of your thoughts becomes the language of your mouth, you will understand. 
59. A school is like a compass; it doesn’t claim to make you go anywhere, it just keeps pointing in the same direction. 
60. A man who doesn’t have a question, probably doesn’t have a quest. 
61. Maintaining sleep is a tacit conspiracy. 
62. There is always one thing you can do. 
63. God rested on the seventh day…you ought to at least take one day and do something. 
64. A sleeping man will be able to constate the moments he was conscious; a conscious man will be able to constate the moments he was asleep! 
65. Intelligence should be an asset…not an excuse. 
66. The moment knowledge surpasses being…it is imagination. 
67. The truth is: truth applies. 
68. Life is not going to make us we have to make ourselves. 
69. I don’t have to know it first, I just have to know it lasts. 
70. Never ask permission to externally consider. 
71. You can’t put someone else in your shoes until YOU are able to wear them. 
72. If you forget it was your intention, it never was your intention. 
73. The greatest force we have as humans, is the ability to be one! 
74. Man can do nothing, ’til he can stop himself…anything else he attempts is only an illusion. 
75. Fear lives at the end of the stick — if you can imagine worse, you can conquer fear. 
76. Repetition is the mother of accelerated change; but, first, you must do it before you can repeat it. 
77. Recognizing that you do not know is probably one of the greatest moments of knowing. 
78. Understanding trumps knowledge. 
79. The finest tools in the world may do the job perfectly…but not by themselves. 
80. Sacred cows function best if fed – or slaughtered. 
81. Un-attempted potential is the Universe’s only flaw. 
82. Always speak the truth…then you’ll never have to worry. 
83. What a man sees when he looks at the world around him says more about the man than it does about the world… 
84. Objective concepts often get lost in the minutiae of definition. 
85. To be or not to be may be the question; but to be and not to be is the answer. 

R. A. Smith DOG Tales Explained

Images and explanations of the 48 DOG Tales of Russell A. Smith. These are an addition to the 38 Gurdjieff Aphorisms, originally formulated for students of THEDOG school, but now available to all. All DOG Tales in descending sequence.

More to follow as they get posted on Instagram.

G. I. Gurdjieff Aphorisms Explained

Illuminated form and explanations of the aphorisms of George I. Gurdjieff, as inscribed in a special script on the walls of the Study House at The Prieuré, d’Avon, France, where Gurdjieff had established his Institute for the Harmonious Development of Men.
Artwork created by the Dutch artist, Netty Huysman.
All aphorisms in descending sequence.

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