Student Testimonials

Robert B. .

1. “The only real way for you to know if it matches its promises, is to observe yourself and get feedback from others. And then, you will know, like I know, that IT WORKS! I learned how to ‘not do,’ and how to ‘consider others,’ instead of ‘considering myself,’ which has allowed me to make wonderful connections with a variety of folks to whom before, I would have reacted negatively. There are a lot more benefits of course. But this one I can confirm without any doubt, I am awake!”

Rob L. .

“Your skepticism is welcome. THE DOG Teachings is backed up by math and science, so your skepticism will be satiated, and your mind will be unlocked. The people behind THEDOG Teachings are of the quality we all strive to be. So, you know the teaching is sound.”

Auriel M. .

“... it feels ‘anti-climactic’ in its “obviousness.” Like I’m SUPPOSED to be this way. I expected some kind of Hollywood-esque “whizz-bang” awakening, but it has given me a profound silence that I have never had before - and by CHOICE! I want to protect this like I do my own child – not out of fear that I might lose it, but out of gratitude that I have found it. Thank you so much for this! …”

Rick R .

Having been so burned by pseudo-schools in the past, I was very skeptical as Russell welcomed me into his home in September 2016. But he was warm, humble, charming, funny, and a wonderful teacher. Amazingly, ‘The Objective Exercise’ worked! My mind was silent for about 2 days. I was intensely alive. And I finally had that “Double Arrow of Attention” towards both myself and to the world around me almost all of the time. It didn’t go away. This is the Real Deal. If you read ‘The Blueprint of Consciousness,’ work at it, watch the videos, and do the exercises with real intent, you will wake up. No fooling.”

Jason H. .

“I want to thank you so much for the book, the podcasts, the website, and all the resources! I completed your book and did The Objective Exercise. This is the first time in the 20 years I have been studying fourth way material and practicing different exercises that I actually felt a shift in my experience. I feel the presence of the passenger, and feel a presence behind movement, emotion and thought, which is able to see them all. Thank you so much for this exercise as I am truly grateful for the quiet, I now feel inside.”

Emma A. .

“I completed The Objective Exercise this morning after studying the 7 chapters, and I’m not sure what I was expecting but there was this gentleness that came to me through the back of my neck. And now, just like you said, it is quiet. Thank you so much for writing the book, I’m very grateful to have found it.”

Russell F. .

“I completed The Blueprint of Consciousness, and I did The Objective Exercise two days ago, using the guided audio. I’ve spent the last couple of days pretty much floating on air, feeling presence, marveling at how crisp my senses are, and the fact that I can now choose to either hold a thought or silence my mind altogether. The stillness within is remarkable. Unlike anything I’ve experienced before, and the underlying tension in my body (I believe born of angst) is, for the most part, gone.”

Jerry L. .

“Read the book, do the exercises, and you will awaken.”

Gary E. .

“From experience, I find the teaching that Russell has found, developed and honorably taught to students of THEDOG, for over three decades, is real, and may be the only known objective and repeatable way to awaken on the planet right now.”

Detha W. .

10. “I am so excited that Russell has placed his teachings in The Blueprint of Consciousness, not for myself, but for the rest of humanity”

“From experience, I find the teaching that Russell has found, developed and honorably taught to students of THEDOG, for over three decades, is real, and is of world 6, and may be the only known objective and repeatable way to awaken on the planet right now.

All other ways cannot awaken all people, because they have always been subjective. Dependent solely on student following a teacher, who found a way that awoke only them. It is impossible to impart a subjective way fully, because no two lives are the same, and thus, no two recipes for awakening are the same.

The best that we can hope for is dissemination of world 12 and world 24 information, in forms of symbolism, metaphor, tales, and parables, and for these to blend into someone’s knowledge, with the commensurate effort in transformation of being and the growing of a Higher Being Body.

These ways were reliant upon hard personal work against false beliefs, false personality, and acquired mechanicality, and additionally, they all required us to acquire something more, to believe in something else told.”

“The world is in such a situation, where falsity has never been so rife and readily available, that this teaching is needed to be shared.

Russell has held an octave vibrant for over 30 years, and has repeated over 500 inner journeys with students, with almost all resulting in inviting Steward into the carriage.

The Blueprint of Consciousnesses is a distilled, edited, approved amalgam of the best parts of the best of these. It is objective in its method, because there is no other version, no different way of doing it, and the inner journey itself is locked down at the highest level it can be.

This is Russell’s gift to the world, and enables him to speak to you like he would a student on an inner journey, but at your own pace, and with the highest possible input, spanning worlds 48 to 6, mindfulness to objective consciousness.”

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