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This is a complete suite of tools and material to enable you to complete the journey to fulfil your full human potential in this lifetime. You will have gained access to this course either through purchasing The Blueprint of Consciousness (hardback or PDF), and successfully memorizing 1,001 words of memory work, or through direct purchase of the Master Exercises Package for $1,001. Both routes demand commitment and work.

A New State of Consciousness

We know from the model of the cards that the instinctive, moving, and emotional centers are united in the higher emotional center. Thus, awakening conscience in the machine – the April Fools moment – wherein a new state of consciousness is present.

The only center, not in the higher emotional center, is the intellectual center.

Gurdjieff tells us that we have no contact with the intellectual center. We only use the formatory apparatus… other than that, there is no thinking.

We, now, have to develop the thinking… because the intellectual center (the mechanical part of the Higher Mental Center) follows conscience. It is the next center to be developed (after the diamonds, clubs, and hearts). So we need to have the intellectual center working properly if we are going to have the potential of waking up objective reason and obtaining objective consciousness.

So after a person has Steward, I give them the task of starting to work on the development of their intellectual center.

The only way to prove that a lower center is developed is to repeat manifestations of that center. Whether it is playing a trumpet – and being able to play it the same way over and over again, or singing a song, or recognizing a smell, etc.

I am certain that anybody could sit at the piano and punch keys and make sounds. But can they do it the exact same way again?

To have the ability to repeat the same thing, to play the notes the exact same way, to repeat a thing… indicates a certain development of the Queen in that center.

We also must develop this ability in the intellectual center… and the only way to prove that we have a Queen of Spades is to memorize something, i.e., to have memory work that we can repeat, thus, showing that we have the required prowess in the intellectual center.

An Oral Tradition

We are a part of the oral tradition. In the past, truth had to be handed down orally. This required that the people, who handed it down, knew it very well… had it memorized. Otherwise, how could they pass it along without deviating it or changing it? Change the story, even a little bit, and it becomes a completely different story. We have all heard the model I use of, “I did not see a lion on the bus on the way to school”. But, what does that mean?

What if I said, did not see a lion on the bus on the way to school. – I did not, but maybe somebody else did. The emphasis on “I” would infer that.

How about: I did not see a lion on the bus on the way to school. – maybe I heard it or smelled it? The inflection on “see”, changes the meaning.

I did not see a lion on the bus on the way to school. Perhaps, I saw a giraffe or maybe a rhinoceros. The emphasis is on the word lion.

I did not see a lion on the bus on the way to school. I saw one off the bus.

I did not see a lion on the bus on the way to school. It was on the way home.

Do you see what is happening? If you change the inflection of one word, i.e., if you use the same exact words but change the inflection… you change the meaning.

So not only is it necessary to memorize, but it is necessary to find out where the right inflection goes – the inflection fixes the meaning of what we have memorized. The oral tradition demands this. The story tellers probably emphasized the same words every time they told the story. Here is where they talk softly, here is where the crescendo is. So we have to be a part of that oral tradition, too.

Beyond Awakening Steward

So, after a student awakens Steward, they start on the development of their intellectual center… with the aim of acquiring 1,001 words of memory… in order to receive the Master Exercises.

Waking up Steward is only the beginning of the journey. But with Steward in place, one can proceed to Master by memorizing 1,001 words of work material, or by purchasing the exercises for $1,001, either of which demand work and commitment. After this they will receive the Master Exercises and access to the Master Exercise Usergroup.

If you plow, you get paid.

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