A Perspective of a Student

This is a commentary from a student of THEDOG, of their view of the Teaching Guide, how the teachings came about, and what the objective exercise to awaken signifies.

“From experience, I find the teaching that Russell has found, developed and honorably taught to students of THEDOG, for over three decades, is real, and is of world 6, and may be the only known objective and repeatable way to awaken on the planet right now.

All other ways cannot awaken all people, because they have always been subjective. Dependent solely on student following a teacher, who found a way that awoke only them. It is impossible to impart a subjective way fully, because no two lives are the same, and thus, no two recipes for awakening are the same.

The best that we can hope for is dissemination of world 12 and world 24 information, in forms of symbolism, metaphor, tales, and parables, and for these to blend into someone’s knowledge, with the commensurate effort in transformation of being and the growing of a Higher Being Body.

These ways were reliant upon hard personal work against false beliefs, false personality, and acquired mechanicality, and additionally, they all required us to acquire something more, to believe in something else told.

Russell found this:

1. There is a structure that underpins all phenomena, and if this structure is understood, it allows you to be guided through an objective exercise to awaken.

2. You already have what you need, it is just undeveloped, and structured incorrectly. The structure proves that this is so.

3. The Diatonic structure maps to everything in the physical and super-physical Universe.

4. The Enneagram of G. I. Gurdjieff was deliberately obfuscated. He told us it was incomplete and needs to be understood as a moving model. To make sense, it needed to be of seven equal parts, and three equal parts. You then have to move it, and map two additional octaves, one at each of the three force points. Once produced, the Diatonic Enneagram explains everything, even a recipe on how to bake a cake. Gurdjieff was right, and so is Smith.

5. Gurdjieff may not have had the structure, but he had enough knowledge, being and higher feedback to formulate it, and write about it in multiple ways. He heavily obfuscated though, to ensure that people had to work hard, for being growth, could hold long thoughts, and develop critical discernment, for knowledge acquisition. He made people work because there was no understanding of how it worked, only that it did.

6. Gurdjieff spawned great knowledge and hard exercises that helped people to subjectively awaken, but none of them had G’s experience or understanding, and none of them knew how it worked either. Level of being and understanding is not inherited, or gained through lineage, it is earned, understood and applied.

7. By knowing how the structure works, you can see and know that you have everything you need, and you develop a strong emotional drive to awaken, because you can understand that awakening is not some precious gift, it is a given right, and that you had just been full of false beliefs that clouded your views.

8. It was not about you getting something, it was about you losing something, and seeing how it works, and then applying it.

9. When you undertake the April Fools exercise you will experience awakening to a higher state of consciousness, and an empty mind, and it is repeatable and objective. The same path, the same work, the same result. Awakening. 

10. If you awaken objectively, through your own knowledge and efforts, you will know it instantly, like your eyes are opened for the first time, and this cannot be taken away.  

The world is in such a situation, where falsity has never been so rife and readily available, that this teaching is needed to be shared.

Russell has held an octave vibrant for over 30 years, and has repeated over 500 inner journeys with students, with almost all resulting in inviting Steward into the carriage.

The Teaching Guide is the distilled, edited, approved amalgam of the best parts of the best of these. It is objective in its method, because there is no other version, no different way of doing it, and the inner journey itself is locked down at the highest level it can be.

This is Russell’s gift to the world, and enables him to speak to you like he would a student on an inner journey, but at your own pace, and with the highest possible input, spanning worlds 48 to 6, mindfulness to objective consciousness.”

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