S5/E02: Sojourns to Consciousness

Published April 28th, 2022

S5/E02: Sojourns to Consciousness

Sojourns to Consciousness

In this podcast Russell will share with you a sojourn to consciousness he just completed with a student, who ten days ago came to his home in Sanger Texas in order to awaken, as well as the process and content of many others. 

Welcome to a series of talks about objective consciousness, an objective Universe, and an objective way to awaken, expanding upon the works of George I. Gurdjieff and Russell A. Smith.

In today’s podcast, Russell will share with you a sojourn to consciousness he just completed with a student, who ten days ago came to his home in Sanger Texas in order to awaken, as well as the process and content of many others. 


Let’s begin:


Russell:  Greetings all.

I apologize, as I have been very busy taking my last, and from this day forward, my final student through Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets.

Her husband purchased my book, The Blueprint of Consciousness, on September 17, 2020, which at that time was only available as a PDF download, and finished it in short order. After which, he memorized his 1,001 words of Work memory work and received the Master Exercises and the Double or Nothing Exercises.

His wife was so impressed, as she got to witness the change in his being, after he did The Objective Exercise and awoke his Higher Emotional Center, and subsequently, after he received the Master Exercises and the Double or Nothing Exercises and awoke his Higher Mental Center, that she too wanted to do the same. 

To accommodate her wishes, he purchased 2 Hardback books on June 24, 2021 -  the first day they were released - so that both he and his wife could have a copy.

Unfortunately, her work schedule (working for a major television network, as well as raising four children) was so demanding that she had little time to read, and as such, her husband, with whom I had become great friends, emailed me to ask if I would consider taking one more student on the journey, as he feared that without my help, her hectic schedule would interfere with her success. To which I said, “Yes.”

Fortunately, as she had The Blueprint of Consciousness, which is a word-by-word accounting of me taking others on the journey, She simply read it aloud to me, while I answered questions, and provided guidance.

Her journey ended Tuesday, after we did The Objective Exercise, which I audibly administered. Law-conformably, it went just as expected. 

She was phenomenal!

Then, yesterday, my wife and I took her to the airport, and as such, got to witness yet another conscious being leave the nest and go back into the world.

However, as she was here for ten days, I had little time to edit, polish, and produce this week’s podcast, which created quite a quandary.

Fortunately, there were other resources available; ones that already contained edited and polished material. All I needed was a theme. A theme that would dictate the materials that were needed.

Then it came to me. I could use materials from our website, as well as from The Blueprint of Consciousness, to not only tell folks about her journey, but also about the journeys of those who have come before her.

So, that is what I did. 

I hope you find it succinct and informative.


Firstly, here is some data from our website, which highlights the journey itself:

“Because awakening is so important, and because the journey took around 8 days to complete, I only allowed one student at a time to come and study Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets with me. Wherein, I thoroughly explained to them the laws of world creation and world maintenance and then led them through The Objective Exercise. After which, they awoke.

Here is the crux of the 8 day agenda we followed, and its results.

Chapter 1: When we began Chapter 1 of Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets, some were afraid of the math, but by the time they did the homework at the end of Chapter 1, and the first two octave worksheets, and saw that the math was just the proportions of one simple recipe, adjusted to feed varying amounts of people, they confidently said, 'Wow, I only have to know one recipe. Give me another worksheet. This is easy. I can do this.'

Chapter 2: They started to grasp Creation, and when I stretched and rumpled the fabric of the Universe and created the Diatonic Ratios, they began to sense that there was something very objective about this work.

Chapter 3: At the end of Chapter 3, they realized that it just might be possible for them to awaken. After all, it was their right, and they had the necessary parts. As such, they began to do the THEDOG training exercises with great force, so that they would be super prepared for the now perceived real possibility of success.

Chapter 4: Harmonic stability became a reality, and the exquisite math of oscillations and the tRNA molecule set them to shaking. In fact, they often uttered, 'Oh my God, this is incredible.'

Chapter 5: Assisting forces appeared, which further put a nail in their coffin of uncertainty; after which, they started expecting to awaken.

Chapter 6: A matrix of outer octaves unfolded before their eyes, and when it did, everything in the Universe began to make sense, to where they no longer expected to awaken, but started demanding it.

Chapter 7: Everything that was not covered in the first 6 chapters was finally unveiled in Chapter 7: That is, all the knots were tied and the bows affixed. Then, when they self-discovered the Lines of Supervision in an Enneagram, most began to tremble. They were ready!

After one final night of polishing their centers, the ones that were needed for awakening, we met the next morning around 11 AM. At that time, I explained The Objective Exercise to them in detail. When I did, they saw it, they understood it, and they realized that it was infallible, and as such, they knew that they were going to awaken.

So, I locked the door, disconnected the phone, dimmed the lights, and played some 'I can barely hear it' instrumental, New Age/Zen type music (something, which they could not easily focus on, nor recognize) … and then, I led them through The Objective Exercise, which took us about 15 minutes.

When I did, they awoke.

After which, they sat there silently. Their random thoughts stopped, and they felt the presence of their Steward.

Most were afraid to move or even to open their eyes, as they did not want to do anything that might cause their awakened state to go away.

Fortunately, when it did not, they eventually opened their eyes, looked over at me and smiled; I smiled back.

Then, in silence, they went up to the guest room, and exhausted, took a nap.

After their nap, when they realized that their Steward was still present, they found their way back downstairs … grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

We nodded, and they became students of THEDOG.

After which, they usually asked, 'Can you show me how to awaken the Higher Mental Center as well?'

I said, 'I can.' That is, as soon as you memorize 1,001 words of Work memory work!”


That method of operation persisted for nearly 30 years. However, as I approached the age of 70 and was no longer young and spry, I decided to stop individually taking seekers on the journey, and instead placed the journey and The Objective Exercise in The Blueprint of Consciousness – An Accelerated Path to Awakening.

The Blueprint of Consciousness is a word-for-word accounting of me individually taking hundreds of others on the journey; a journey to awakening placed in a book. One that everyone can take, at their own pace, in their own time, without needing me.



Secondly, here is some data from The Blueprint of Consciousness, which highlights the contents of the journey:

I placed a list of 89 things near the end of The Blueprint of Consciousness, learned during the journey, which allows everyone to relive the journey before doing The Objective Exercise.

Here are those 89 things; listed, chapter by chapter, which she, and those who came before her, had learned.


  1.       An axiomatic image of the Universe was discovered in the structures of sound and light.
  2.       We found points of stability at an eighth, a quarter, a third, a half, two-thirds, and seven-eighths of the whole. We heard them on a monochord, and we witnessed them in the oscillations of a slinky.
  3.       We determined that the third Being Obligolnian Striving was the only objective striving, as it concerned the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.
  4.       We saw that an Enneagram contained three symbols: the oneness of God, the Law of Three, and the Law of Seven.
  5.       We saw how a Line of Supervision envisioned the future, which allowed us to feed the community.
  6.       We examined Harnel-miaznel and made bread.
  7.       The Pythagorean Harmonies were discovered.
  8.       We ascertained the quickest way to calculate an octave, as well as found its four best homes: Musical, All to Nothing, Nothing to Minus All, and All to Minus All.
  9.       We found an objective recipe: 24, 27, 30, 32, 36, 40, 45, and 48 and objective proportions: 3, 3, 2, 4, 4, 5, and 3.
  10.   We formulated the three rates of acceleration in an octave: 9/8, 10/9, and 16/15, and learned about the MI-FA and TI-DO stopinders.
  11.     We considered Gurdjieff’s treatise concerning the motivation behind Creation; that is, God’s “forced need” to create the Universe.

 Chapter 2 – The Uncreation of the Universe.

  1.   We continued with Gurdjieff’s postulation that God was compelled to create the Universe, which resulted in the two primordial laws being changed: The Law of Seven and the Law of Three.
  2.     We also explored Creation from the point of view of Physics, Christianity, and Hinduism.
  3.   After which, We decided that Gurdjieff’s model of Creation offered us the best chance of understanding it; that is, if we could just un-change the laws.
  4.     We started with the Law of Three and explored triads.
  5.   We determined that all forces were affirming forces and saw how three ‘plus’ forces formed an equilateral triangle and produced the 12, 10, and 8 ratios.
  6.   We discovered that most of the Universe had no third force, how the third force was created in Suns, how the Suns made twenty-six elements then exploded, how the neutrons in heavy Iron - beta minus decayed their way into heavier elements, and even how two neutron stars collided and made gold. We even talked about the Velcro effect, and about how supermassive black holes were formed.
  7.   We explored the Enneagram of the Justice System, learned the Enneagram’s math, and saw how thirds and sevenths did not meet. So we made a greater change in the Law of Seven.
  8.   The stopinder between the third and fourth deflections was lengthened in its law-conformable successiveness and the fabric of the Universe was stretched and rumpled, which caused the structure to align with the separated forces. Eureka! The Diatonic Universe was born, and Creation began. However, there needed to be more than just a creation, God needed a return.
  9.   Thus, HE shortened the last stopinder … allowing us to see the oasis!
  10.   The displacement of the notes revealed their name.
  11.   Nine points became seven, and answered the question, “Why are things the way they are?”

 Chapter 3 – Infrastructural Cognizance.

  1.   When the diatonic Universe began, three octaves of radiations appeared between four fundamental points, and as such, inner octaves were created.
  2.     Axioms emerged as we learned the fate of the notes.
  3.   The math of the three scales, thirteen octaves, seventy-one vibrations, and eighty notes was revealed.
  4.   We explained an automobile to an alien.
  5.   We then explored why the last stopinder was shortened. It was shortened to facilitate the commencement of a new cycle of the completing process.
  6.   When we examined the number of vibrations created in each scale and the progression of DO’s, we saw that they had the same structure as a standard deck of playing cards. So we replaced their mathematical structure with the symbolic structure of playing cards.
  7.   This led us to the card diagram, which clearly showed our essence and personality, and explained how, from a single moment of self-remembering, life began.
  8.   The structure revealed how the Instinctive Center, the Moving Center, the Emotional Center, the Intellectual Center, and the Higher Emotional Center all served the duplicating principle.
  9.     The cards made it easy for us to see the parts and the parts-of-parts of our lower centers. But most importantly, the structure of the Law of Seven revealed our Higher Centers; finally making them approachable.
  10.     Then, a man of reason spilled out and recognized that a curved rock holds water. We watched this emerging reason enter man's other centers, and saw that he was using all the parts of his Higher Emotional Center. Unfortunately, since man did not understand how he acquired reason, he used it to tame the world, which caused his descendants to lose their Higher Emotional Centers, and as such, fall asleep. Atlantis sank.
  11.     Fakirs, Yogis, Monks, and the Fourth Way all tried to re-awaken their Higher Emotional Center, but to no avail. Then Russell Smith showed up and said, “If you have enough cards, I will show you how to awaken!” So, we took a survey, and found out that you did. Congratulations!
  12.     We even got to witness the virgin birth of Jesus, “Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum.”

Chapter 4 – Caught in the Cosmic Loop.

  1.     We found a Duality. Protons and neutrons came into existence. The mathematics of quarks was in exact clarity.
  2.     We watched how an affirming force got stopped when it tried to ascend or descend because of the presence of other affirming forces.
  3.     Major and Minor oscillations were defined. Even the sixteen-hour versus the eight-hour ‘awake and sleep cycles’ were revealed.
  4.     We determined that oscillations were centered twice, and as such, were very stable, which allowed them to create the first molecule of life, the Transfer RNA molecule.
  5.     We watched it fold, link up, fold again, and check its math. In addition, fourteen of its inner oscillations had the same totals at the ends of their oscillations as it did.
  6.   DNA was discovered in the structure of octaves: The Adenine and Guanine of Purine; and the Cytosine and Thymine of Pyrimidine. We even found Uracil.

 Chapter 5 – The Way Up Was the Way Down.

  1.   The first chord sounded in the Universe, and outer octaves began.
  2.   Three law conformable fractions (6/6, 5/6, and 4/6) descended down the Universe, and revealed a way to go back up.
  3.   We learned that to ascend, shock octaves must be created at MI, SO, and TI - in order to overcome the forces that lived at FA, LA, and DO - or, at TI, we might spy the oasis.
  4.   We discovered that there is no such thing as a descending force. Things either kept ascending or got eaten.
  5.   Ribosomal RNA was revealed. Two molecules with 34 proteins and one molecule with 21.
  6.   It even rained for forty days and forty nights.
  7.   We watched octaves take the twelve position and perish, unless they got lucky, had help, or intentionally became an eight and acquired the possibility of ascension.
  8.   We moved on to the food diagram, remembered ourselves, and transformed emotions.
  9.   We laughed at the folly of astrology, and we were saddened by the misuse of an Enneagram.
  10.   Finally, Russell revealed the Diatonic Enneagram. In it we found three denying moments and a seventh Line of Supervision. We can still hear it: DO-TI-SO-LA-RE-FA-MI-TI-SO-LA.

 Chapter 6 – The Universal Cosmic Weave.

  1.   Three clues were found … then deciphered, explaining the symbol of the Absolute, the symbol of the Eternal Unchanging, and the creation of the Universe.
  2.   One octave was created in the Absolute, and six octaves were created in the Holy Sun Absolute that then spewed into the Universe, wherein twelve additional octaves were created.
  3.   The second and third clues, found in the Gurdjieff treatise, supported the creation of the octaves in the Holy Sun Absolute and the Universe, creating a Universal Cosmic Weave.
  4.   We plotted those octaves and discovered Pascal’s Triangle. It filled up chronologically in nice straight diagonal rows, which produced another fundamental mathematical sequence in the Universe, the Fibonacci series. Wow, we found it everywhere … even in our little finger!
  5.   The boundaries of Creation were revealed: 5/6 to the seventh and 2/3 cubed.
  6.     We saw how each world was subject to the laws that came from previous worlds; then added three laws of its own.
  7.   The Universal Cosmic Weave was discovered, like branches on a tree, revealing four families, and sounding the three chords of western harmonics as they grew: FA-LA-DO; DO-MI-SO; and SO-TI-RE.
  8.     Each octave had two names, a name referring to its order of creation, and a name referring to its family.
  9.     Observing the order of octave creation solved the enigma of how atoms filled their orbitals.
  10.   We saw a colorized version of Pascal’s Triangle which revealed two other names: an octave’s decimal name and its law-conformable fraction name.
  11.   We found the Sons and Daughters of God and saw how the Sons of God, in their order of creation, were at perfect squares, which revealed the Law of Falling Bodies: all bodies fall with constant acceleration, proportional to the odd numbers, and the total distance fallen is the square of time.
  12.   Then we saw how daughters progenerated new families.
  13.   The Universal Cosmic Weave explained the Cosmic Soup, the Big Bang, supernovas, and the explosion of life into the Universe.

Chapter 7 – Traversing Suspended Continuity

  1.     We found a matrix of octaves that shared vibrations.
  2.     We examined how those octaves influenced the life of a tree.
  3.     We saw 3 major oscillations in every octave: yours, your Father’s, and your Grandfather’s.
  4.     We applied those oscillations to your life and found the Gaps.
  5.     We followed the life of a little American Indian boy from his youth to his wisdom, and we smelled the earth.
  6.     We connected the Centers with the oscillations of Duplication, Emotion, and Intelligence.
  7.     Understanding these oscillations allows Man to awaken, to die, and to be born again.
  8.     Every other note revealed the Sequence, and every other note of the Sequence revealed two Groups.
  9.     We discovered the definition of the Law of Seven. It’s Spring in Texas!
  10.     Every vibration was a DO, and every vibration was every note.
  11.     The 7s became King!
  12.     The Sequence contained the 3 major chords in an octave, and we sang along.
  13.     God’s Knowledge and Being flowed down the Universe and then back up, revealing Atomic Reason, Molecular Reason, and Objective Reason.
  14.   The Physical and Spiritual worlds collided and made Life.
  15.     We saw how Objective Reason spanned the LA-TI interval of Man, within the LA-TI interval of Life.
  16.   We proved that there is an octave in every interval and found what are called the aspects of the notes, in all plants, spiders, fish, and every living thing.
  17.   The Three Particularities created dust bowls, orchards, or apple pies.
  18.   Harnel-Aoots flowed down the Universe, exploding, warming, or reaching an end.
  20.   We saw how 3 bodies form from Physical, Astral, and Mental matters.
  21.   We discovered places where things fell to the bottom, fell to the top, or stayed Eternal Unchanging.
  22.   Gravity, electro-magnetism, and fusion appeared at the speed of light.
  23.   “Same Before, Different After” plotted the notes that pass through every note, and revealed fourteen Lines of Supervision.
  24.   We placed them all in time and rhyme, and labeled every line.
  25.   The roof leaked, we fried clams, diagrammed the Function, Being, and Will, and caught a rabbit.
  26. The Objective Exercise was thoroughly explained.


And, on the following day it was performed; and she, and those who came before her, awoke.


That concludes today’s podcast.


Thank you for listening.

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