New Instagram post – Gurdjieff Aphorism #38

Here there are neither Russians nor English, Jews nor Christians, but only those who pursue one aim—to be able to be.

This aphorism relates to identification. To disregard what one believes one is, to drop the labels, and the sense of “I” being something. No religions, no nationalities, just being. The aims from aphorisms #2 and #38 are high ones. To develop the ABILITY to do and to be, not TO DO and TO BE. Merely to be able to blend with what is higher, with nothing that remains of “us” in the way, but us being conscious of this.

3 thoughts on “New Instagram post – Gurdjieff Aphorism #38”

  1. “No religions, no nationalities, just being.” This is not so easy. One day it occurred to me that what I take to be my religion and ethnicity– things that I am wholly identified with — came into my being from my parents, as well as from people near me when I was a child.
    With this realization, I tried to imagine not having these attributes, but simply existing without these labels, without all the baggage I lug around, and just getting on with all that needs to be done to raise my state of being.

    1. Gary Eggleton

      Thank you Ira. Yes, we have a lot of inherent identification. The attributes may only arise when triggered by impressions relating to these. The rest of the time, you may be blissfully unaware of them. When they arise, they simply need to be turned away from, to be dropped like they are nothing to you anymore.

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