Cosmic Secrets: Introduction

Welcome to the start of your journey

This is the free and open Introduction online course version of “Cosmic Secrets The TEACHING GUIDE”.

It follows the exact structure and content of the downloadable PDF version of the Cosmic Secrets The TEACHING GUIDE, all seven chapters, plus the free Aprils Fool’s exercise.

Adittionally, the online course will provide additional material such as diagrams, podcasts, books, exercises, and articles, as and when they are most suitable.

Your progress can be tracked, and exercises and quizzes will need to completed to advance through each chapter, being led through the book “Gurdjieff: Cosmic Secrets”, as if Mr. Smith was sitting next to you.

The whole course is an objective replication of the teachings of THEDOG, encapsulated in the 10-day inner journey, required to understand the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance, to polish one’s being, and clear one’s mind of pre-conceived ideas, leading ultimately to a state of objective self-consciousness, otherwise known as “awake”.

The depth of success depends on how diligent you are with the material to be presented. If you follow the trail precisely, it will objectively lead you to the awakening of higher centres, and an awakened sense of life.

Conscience will enhance. Things will be seen for what they are, not what we think they are. Judgment will cease. Grudges will drop. Things will get done.

All it takes is to see the world for as it is, to let go of what you think you know, and begin to know what you should be knowing, and learn.

Dogtale #0 – There is no failure in effort

Everything we do, adds to what we have and have done. This course operates under the same premise. It is additive in understanding. The more effort you give, the more you read and understand the laws, the more you will get back on a personal level.

Sure, you can jump straight to April Fool’s and try it through buying the whole Teaching Guide, but that’s like strapping into a jumbo jet and trying to fly, having just found a piece of paper to make a paper dart from. The whole process has been tested hundreds upon hundreds of times, until the very best and clear way to impart the data needed, was found.

There are no shortcuts to consciousness that are replicable. This is a replicable way. Subjective ways apply to those who experience them, and all vary. Objectives ways are the same for all.

Achieve the state of being required, learn what is given, and wake up from the dream of sleep that stops us being Human to the fullest potential.

After completing the Introduction course, you can continue to Chapter One, also for free, but which will require enrollment for your own records, to track progress, and to manage assignments, and the learning material presented. Further chapters can continue to be accessed for $20.00 per chapter. Purchase of all chapters will unlock the April Fool’s Exercise, unlimited access to the downloadable PDF versions, and an opportunity to delve even deeper into the laws of world-creation and world-maintenance.

Bon voyage. The journey begins here with you. The ending is infinite, and entirely up to you.

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